Comparison Review: K75 and SS-700

Keurig is a well known manufacturer of coffee machines for both office and home use, based in Massachusetts. Their machines have been popular since their very first launch back in 1998. Cuisinart is another leading maker of coffee machines known the world over for high quality and good customer service. They pioneered the concept of the food processor in 1973 and introduced the world to many innovative kitchen appliances.

Cusinart SS-700 Vs Keurig K75

Here we will compare both the Cuisinart SS-700 and Keurig K75 -- which are two very popular coffee machines which produce a single cup of coffee. Both have numerous features that are designed to make coffee-brewing as convenient as possible (quite interestingly though Keurig's main coffee system is actually utilized in the SS-700 model).  The reason for their high popularity is because the machines make brewing coffee a very simple task, where from just a few actions -- you can get delicious quality coffee within a few moments. There is no need to deal with ground coffee or filters and you can even fill your favorite cup or mug with an automatically measured quantity of coffee.

Keurig K75 Coffee Brewing System

Similarities between the Cuisinart SS-700 and Keurig K75 

K-Cup Single Serves & Brewing Time

Both brew coffee with K-Cups and are single serve machines. The K-Cup baskets of both are almost identical with needles at the bottom and on the top to open the K-Cups. They also take up roughly 4 minutes from room temperature to boiling (the SS-700 perhaps slighty faster) & come with an adjustable temp gauge.

Detachable Drip Tray

Each model also has removable drip trays -- whicha re very useful if you want to fit in larger cups of coffee. However, the Cuisinart SS-700 has lesser space even after the drip tray is removed and putting a travel mug can be very tight. This is not so with the Keurig and it handles a large mug comfortably after the drip tray is removed.

Cuisinart SS-700 Coffee Brewing System

Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver
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Programmable Display

Both have a programmable LCD screen which lets you set up things like the clock, the auto off time, brew temperature and brew size for your cup of coffee. They also have a reminder for water replenishment -- a blue indicator lights up in both to indicate that you need to fill water when the water level is low. 

Cup Sizes

You can get your coffee in a variety of 5 different sizes (including 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces) in both the SS700 as well as the K75. 

What Are The Differences Between The Cuisinart SS-700 and Keurig K75?


The Cuisinart has a boxy shape with a brushed aluminum look whereas the Keurig has a rounded shape with black plastic. The dimensions of the SS700 are a height of 13.5 inches, width of 10.25 inches and depth of 15.7 inches. The K75 is 13 inches high, has a width of 12.25 inches and depth of 13.25 inches. The SS700 is the heavier of the two at 15.7 lbs whereas the K75 weighs 12 lbs.

Water Reservoir

The SS-700 has a much larger water tank at 80 ounces whereas the K75 has a 72-ounce reservoir with a descaling indicator. The larger reservoir does make a difference if you make several cups of coffee in a day. 


The SS-700 also comes with a useful charcoal filter and a provision on the filter to remind you when you need to replace the filter. The filter is replaceable and needs to be changed every few months. The K75 does also include a water filter kit with your purchase. 

Sound Quality & Level

When it comes to the noise it makes while making coffee and pumping the water from the reservoir, the SS-700 is often quoted as being a lot quieter than the K75.


Included with the Cuisinart machine is a My K-Cup in which you can brew your own coffee and there is a place to store it too inside the machine on its side. With the Keurig machine you have to buy it separately.

How to Brew Coffee With The SS-700 and K75

To use either machine rinse the machine with water first to clean it. Lift the lid on top of the machine and take your favorite K-cup and put it inside the K-Cup holder. A needle on top and one at the bottom will pierce the cup and the LCD screen will show the "Ready" sign. Choose the brew size and then press the brew button and the coffee pours out in a few moments.  Cleaning is very easy - take out the used K-Cup and dispose of it and you're done.

Which Model is Best – Should I Buy a Cuisinart SS-700 or a Keurig K75?

Both single serve coffee makers are very easy to operate and maintain. You can make coffee, tea or hot water for hot chocolate or instant noodles easily. But, if you have to choose between the two you can go for the Cuisinart SS-700 only because of the larger water reservoir that will allow you to make more coffee.

The advantage with the K75 is that the 12-count K-Cup variety pack and Water Filter Kit is included with the purchase. In any case, the excellent prices at which these machines are available  -- you can't really go wrong with either! Which will you go for and why?

Have You Considered Upgrading?

Cuisinart SS-780 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System
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