Food is something that is a part of our daily lives and that's why a great attention has been given to it by every culture all over the world. Thus when people cook and eat, they feel closer to the origins of the food and understand its history better. Food types do not appear out of nowhere. They are the combined result of people who put effort into taking good care of their loved ones by providing them quality food. Below are some of the most famous cuisines in the world and what their ingredients include.


The Canadian food has some deep connections with the British and American ones and when we are speaking about French Canada, and then we are talking about cuisines which have evolved from the provision of the fur traders. The ingredients for these cuisines are Alberta beef, maple syrup and fresh water fish.


The American food has connections with every part of the country. It has a great regional character to it and it is defined by diversity which has Italian and Mexican influences.


When it comes to Mexican food, it basically consists of tacos, chilies, black beans and nachos. These are the main food you will be having if you ever decide on going for a visit in Mexico.


The Japanese food has a special inclination for fresh ingredients. Everything that these people cook is cooked carefully and the seasonings are minimal so that they won't affect the natural taste of the food. The way Japanese arrange it in the plate is also special, for they have an artistic inclination with food, arranging it in different forms and shapes that are very eye-pleasing.


When we are talking about Thai food, then we are talking about the most flavored Asian food. It blends a lot of flavors including salty, sweet, sour and hot and add to those fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, legumes and nuts.


Indian foods are mostly vegetarian but that doesn't mean you will only see vegetables on your plate. You can also have chicken, lamb, goat. When eating Indian food expect it to be very spicy.

Food has always been important in any culture of the world and given the fact that it is vital for us to survive; a lot of accent has been put on it from every society in the world. If in the past, tasting one culture's food was something that needed you to travel to that specific country in order to have it, now there are specialized restaurants that cook traditional food of a given country, so the process of finally tasting it is very well simplified. No more you will have to pay for expensive plane tickets or wait for long hours in airports. You will be served with your favorite meal and enjoy it properly. Bon appetite!