Becoming a top chef requires going to top culinary schools to get the proper training. Chefs are able to get jobs right away, when graduating from a culinary school. Culinary schools, also known as chef schools, moves you one step closer to becoming a talented chef in your area of expertise. Lots of restaurant owners are in need of quality chefs. You can make a lucrative living being a chef, depending on how good you are and your area of skill. A good chef requires talent, education, dedication, hard work, and passion. Being a chef is not an easy profession. Chefs often work very long and tiresome hours. Before you consider going to culinary school, you need to make sure this is something you have a strong passion for. Some of the best culinary schools in Chicago can offer dedicated cooks the opportunity to become a great chef.

If you're planning on being a chef in Chicago for example, or any where else for that matter, it's important to understand food history of a particularly place. Chicago foods carry a special tradition. Everyone is well aware of the deep dish pizza's in Chicago, and a Chicago-style hot dog. Food quality is at a high in the windy city. To succeed as a chef, you got to bring a unique quality, and specialty to your foods. Because if the quality of your food doesn't stand out, then you'll find it impossible to be a successful chef. Especially in big cities like Chicago, or New York where food quality if never sub-par.

Really, it's important to understand the cuisine for other cultures and areas as well. A great chef is able to cook different cuisines. In culinary arts, a chef needs to learn the value of nutrition, diet, and even learn business skills as well. Some chefs go on to be restaurant owners/chefs, or end up working for restaurants, hotels, or other food industry businesses. Every cook has an area of expertise as a chef. It's important to also find a specific niche, or food that can be define as your signature dish. A good chef can diversify and cook more than just one great dish, or cuisine even. Culinary schools in Chicago can offer the opportunity to become a worldwide chef.

Kendall college

Kendall college was established 1934. The Culinary Arts was founded in 1985. Kendall college strides on preparing students on the cooking skills required, along with understanding what the food industry requires in order to be a successful chef. Degrees offered are Bachelor of Arts in Culinary. The chefs are required to learn how to cook different cuisines, along with developing strong business skills.

They offer the AAS Culinary Arts program. This program teaches their students leadership skills, top-notch culinary skills, along with general education requirements needed as well. Those who just are interested in cooking, can also take the AAS Accelerated program. They teach chefs all the same cooking techniques in the AAS Culinary Arts program, expect the added needed general education requirements. The AAS baking & pastry program teaches chefs the proper skills to become bakers and patisseries.

Location of Kendall College

900 North Branch Street
Chicago, Illinois

Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago

Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago was founded in 1916, and offer 5 different degree programs. They offer a degree in Culinary Arts-Associate of Applied Science. This is for entry-level cooks, or assistants. They teach their cooks basic cooking skills required. Associates degree program in Hospitality Management is offered. This program is for cooks interested in a career cooking for hotels, cruises, hospitals, or catering. They teach students about event management, culinary skills, hospitality sales and marketing along with a variety of other skills needed.

A bachelor's degree in Culinary Management is offered for those interested in cooking jobs for hotels, catering, and other hospitality jobs. They teach students management skills, along with top-notch culinary skills in this profession. A degree is also offered in professional baking & pastry. Chefs learn basic knowledge of cakes, breads, and pastries. Along with learning be eligible for entry-levels in this field.

Location of Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago

350 N. Orleans Street
Chicago, Illinois

Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago

Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago was founded in 1983. Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago is apart of the Le Cordon Blue hospitality education. There are schools of Le Cordon Blue all over the world, they're in such high demand. Hospitality management and culinary arts is what the school focuses on. A bachelor's degree is offered in hospitality management. They teach students the skills needed to run a successful business. Then there's Associate of Applied Science degree offered. They teach students top-notch culinary skills, that involve cooking different cuisines, along with American cuisine. Le Cordon Blue also offers a Patisserie and Baking program, that is designed to provide the culinary skills needed for a profession as a baker.

Location of Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago

361 West Chestnut
Chicago, Illinois