Culligan Filtered Showerhead


Easy to install
Looks good with Chrome finish
Filters your shower water
Only buy the actual shower head once
Shower filter lasts for at least six months


Only works for the shower not the bathtub.

Full Review

The Culligan chrome filtered showerhead is a great shower filter for the price. This Culligan showerhead and filter will last for several months and give you clean water for all your shower needs. It is easy to install and change out your old showerhead. Once you buy this Culligan showerhead you do not have to buy another showerhead to replace it. Instead you simply change the shower filters inside the showerhead about every six months or longer if you do not use the shower daily. The money that you will save on your health by using the shower filter will be well worth it. You will definitely notice the difference if you get a Culligan filtered showerhead (or other shower filter). Not only will you smell the difference when you get in the shower, from not inhaling chlorine other chemicals that are used to clean your water, but your skin and hair will feel different, too. Using a filtered showerhead is one recommendation for stopping acne so it is great if you have teens in the home or struggle with it yourself. The Culligan Chrome filtered showerhead makes a big difference and pays itself off just in the money you will save on skin care products. Your personal grooming habits may change for the better because you are not fighting so many chemicals once you start using a shower filter. Saving money on skin and hair care products add up.

The first Culligan Chrome filtered showerhead I purchased was from Home Depot. I paid around $40 for it and the filter lasted for several months. When I finally broke down to buy the internal shower filter for the Culligan showerhead, I bought it on Amazon and was pleased with the discounted price. Getting a filtered showerhead is a cheap way to make healthier choices for you and your family. Once you start showering with filtered shower water you will notice the chlorine smell of other showers or yours when the filter needs replacing. There are several ways to take charge of your health without spending large amounts of money. Filtering your water, both shower water and drinking water will save your health in the long run. It's an investment in your health plus you'll smell better, too. If you don't know whether or not you have safe drinking water then using a shower filter is especially useful. Even when water is safe there are chemicals like Chlorine in the water from the cleaning process. The shower filter gets rid of those.

Healthy Gift Ideas for the Family -- Culligan Filtered Showerheads

If you are looking for easy and healthy gift ideas for Christmas try giving a shower filter. These are great gift ideas for elderly folks or those who would not otherwise spend the money on a shower filter. Buying a Culligan shower filter is perfect because it fits most showers and it is one of the best selling filter showerheads at Amazon. The only difference would be if the person likes to use a removable showerhead. In that case, buy the hand held Culligan shower filter. The hand held Culligan showerhead filter uses the same water filter as the Culligan showerhead. It makes it easy to be able to purchase the same filter for multiple systems, especially since it's an affordable shower filter. Give the gift of clean water, better complexion, and clean air during the shower. Get a Culligan shower filter and notice the difference.

In Closing

I highly recommend using a shower filter and this Culligan showerhead is a great choice. When you think about whether or not you should use the shower filter then consider whether or not you would jump into a shower full of chlorine and bleach. When you think about all of the chemicals that you bathe in when you use unfiltered water it really is a good idea to use a shower filter. Even if you do not want to use it for yourself you should consider it if you have children. It pays for itself over time. Besides, if you drink filtered water or only use bottled water then why wouldn't you filter your shower water?