Throngs of people pass us daily.  At any given moment we can instantly connect with thousands through the internet.  For many, it is not easy to find secluded, natural spots free of human contact within which to meditate, center, and ground ourselves.

    Despite all this, and especially because of it, such meditation is increasingly important.  We are at the beginning of stepping into our roles as global citizens.  The stark border lines between nations, religions, cultures, races, and ideologies are fast fading as a generation of young, modern students and yogis are seeking truth and spreading it with others.  The information age has certainly presented us with a most marvelous opportunity.

    No longer is the way of the hermit a practical choice for many.  Duty calls us to interact, build community, and face challenges to our environment and species.  How, then, are we to build the compassion necessary to live as a global family?

    We are pressed to find more creative methods of developing kind-heartedness.  Each interaction with another being allows us to choose our path.  Will we flick off the next car that cuts across our path, or will we pray for the driver's safety?  Ironically, we may feel inclined to do the former and justify such action, but even science is now being forced to admit that the capacity to choose a positive reaction is in the best interest of one's own health and happiness.

    How, then, to discover that infinite joy which is our very own nature while yet still living among the throngs?  We must take to meditation in all moments, in whatever spare time we have.  We can remain present as possible in all situations and this alone can teach us a great deal.

    As we grow in our discernment of our deep connection to all things, it becomes easier to navigate the negative emotions and turn them on their head.  It is easier to let go of someone else's hang-ups and easier to see the beauty inherent in each being, human or otherwise.

    In order for humanity to successfully pass through the current times, it is imperative for us to cultivate compassion amidst the mêlée.

    Each person must come into their sovereignty, and we must build a culture that supports this.  In this way, the ancient traditions of hermitage and seclusion shall be transformed into a public celebration of enlightening--a global celebration of humanity allowing itself to redesign lifestyles so that compassion is a natural part of human society, from secluded mountain-top ashrams to urban megalopolises.

    Numerous tools are available for this development, ranging from the esoteric to the scientific.  It is not so important which path one chooses, for all are called to different expressions of themselves.  What is important is that we as a collective realize how necessary it is to develop our compassion, talent, and limitless potential as humans.  If we continue to stay cynical, skeptical, and in a mindset of "fighting against", then we are in danger of remaining powerless to change the current course of neglect by major international agendas.  To overcome the nay-saying and construct compassion towards those same companies, our fellow humans, and ourselves, is no longer a "nice thought" or an exclusive skill of advanced mystical practitioners, but a direct and dire necessity for the survival and subsequent thriving of the current population of the human race.