Finding cup holders for boats, that didn’t slosh your drinks around was sometimes difficult, but there are a few new designs on the market now that will work wonders on your railing.  If you were constantly losing a drink or can of soda or your favourite beverage to the unpredictable surges of the water, and were scared to actually put the drink down then you may find these work well for you.

Enjoying a day out on your boat, along with your favourite beverage is an enjoyable venture, but if you were just putting the drink down on the floor beside you where it could slide around, when that next swell or wave hit the boat, then you may want to consider getting some of these. 

These particular ones have no plastic in them, so nothing to break and they are made of 5/16” steel with zinc plating.  They attach to a rail bracket for a 1-1/4” railing (which is the most common size).  Now you can sit and enjoy the deck of your boat and not worry where the drink has gone.  Many times it may have found its way overboard.Cup Holders for Boats

If you were just using a table, chances are in the rougher waters it would just spill, but by using boat cup holders right on the railing, you are going to be able to keep a drink safe, and not have it slide around.

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You can get these at most marine supply stores or boat stores, or you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.  They are an affordable way to keep drinks in one place and to avoid many spills.  These are great if you are near the railing, fishing or enjoying the deck.  It would be nice to enjoy the view without having to guard your beverage container.

By attaching these to the railing, they are off the floor and out of the way, and ready when you are.

You can get many styles of these holders.  Some that will attach to tables, or some that are right in the chairs, and many in the cabin of the boat,  but if you are watching that sunset at the railing on deck, then using  one of these cup holders on the railing itself is a nice convenient place to put it.

Something to consider before you sail away into the sunset.  You can get many different products that will attach to the railing such as the barbeque below.  This is a great way to utilize this area and bolt them on and keep the deck area free and clear.

With all the movement involved with boating out on the open water you need everything bolted down.

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you can also attach a barby to the railing!