There are many ways to learn how to decorate cupcakes. Just use your imagination and go for it. Cupcakes are easy to make. They take a short time to bake. They are small and there are many cupcake decorating ideas on the Internet to learn from. Before cup cake decorating, make sure cupcakes are completely cool. If not, frosting will melt and run. No one wants that to happen.

Groundhog's Day is approaching in a few weeks. A cute idea is to make little groundhog cupcakes. The kids will love it. Pass some along to any elderly neighbors also. They will love to spend the day with the delicious treat. You will make their day. Before you start, you will need to gather your cupcake decorating supplies. You will need frosting, chocolate chips, cupcake wrappers and of course the cupcake mix. Make chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. Let them cool completely before attempting to decorate.

Once completely cooled, you want to cover each cupcake completely with a darker brown frosting. For the cheeks, take some lighter brown frosting and make two big circles, which will resemble big groundhog cheeks. Take a white frosting and make two small dots for eyes. Also, while you have the white frosting, make a small semi triangle shape towards the bottom of the cupcake for teeth. Finally, add three chocolate chips. Put two for the eyes and one for a nose. Your groundhog is complete and ready for his big day.

Many cupcake decorating tips state that the cupcakes should be left on the counter for a while for the frosting to harden. Left out for awhile is fine but make sure to store them in an airtight container or covered on a cake stand.

Another fun way to express your love to your Valentine is to make some cupcakes for Valentine's Day. Make red velvet cupcakes with a white icing. Pipe a big red heart on each cupcake. They will be eaten within minutes. Another fun idea is to take cupcakes and decorate them with red hot hearts. Taking a lot of those little hearts and making one big heart on the cupcake will sure to please the kids.

Making decorated cupcakes is a fun way to spend the day. The sky is the limit. You can basically decorate cupcakes any way you like. Getting the cupcake decorations and putting everything together is the fun part. You can even get creative with the display of your delicious creations using a decorated cupcake stand or deliver them to friends in family in decorative individual cupcake boxes. Whether you are making groundhogs, spring flowers, hearts or whatever, creativity is the key. Be creative. Make them fun and inviting. Kids from all around will love you for the delicious treat.