Handmade cupcake ornaments or purchased collector ones are all the rage this year for Christmas and the holiday season.  They look very realistic and colourful and are designed in many different themes for the holidays.  They will sparkle and look good enough to eat!

There are the ones that look frosted and dressed up as snowmen, and then there are the red iced ones with lots of little details. They look really cool hanging on the tree, but basically follow the food theme.

If you are looking for something a little different to decorate your tree, house or tablHallmark Cupcake OrnamentCredit: Amazone, then consider some of the fine detail work in the glass ornaments shaped like little cakes, or even the kits you can get to decorate them yourself.

Cupcakes have become quite popular at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, and now you an get them in ornament form to hang on your tree.  They look ready to eat!

Hallmark Ornament 2011 Christmas Cupcakes #2 - Simply Irresistible! - #QX8869

If you have been thinking of adding to your ornament collection or to simply update the look of your tree or house this year for the holidays, then you will be surprised to find that many of these ornaments have moved from the traditional red, silver and gold shapes to very intricate designs that have become collector’s items.

You can get “themed” ornaments that match your personality, such as the glass mixer for the avid
baker or the glass fishing pole for the avid fisherman.  No longer are you restricted to the balls and
other shapes that you would traditionally see on the typical Christmas tree.

Ornaments and especially these cupcake ornaments make great gifts.  Many of these are intricately designed and are collected.  So, if you have someone on your list who has everything, then consider getting them a very special ornament for their tree as a gift this year.

You can add to this gift each year and you will be remembered every time Hallmark Cupcake Ornament(71457)Credit: Amazonthey decorate the Christmas tree.

So spend a little bit more time this year when shopping for decorations for your tree.  Come away  from those boxes of Christmas ornaments that all look the same, and fill your tree with very intricate and detailed decorations that will have everyone taking a second look at your tree.

Merry Mixer 2010 Hallmark Ornament

If you like the idea of vintage or antique ones, then now is the time to check out the antique stores and vintage markets in your area, or you can also check online at such sites as Ebay and other online stores.

If you prefer to buy new, then you can check out most department stores and specialty home décor stores, or you can check online at sites such as Amazon for the cupcake ornaments and the many designs they come in.

Either way, this is the year to really personalize that tree of yours or give the gift of a glass cupcake ornament for example to your friends or family.  These ornaments make great gifts too for that “office secret santa” gift. 

Christmas ornaments have become so special now, that they make welcomed gifts.