Cuponk is a game made by Hasbro which is played outdoors. It is suitable for any age, but is recommended for ages nine and above. The planned release date for Cuponk is the Christmas 2010 holiday season. There are 3 variations of this game: Let it R.I.P, Gorrilanator, and El Campeon. This game is a great way to get your children into an activity that does not involve television. It is an enjoyable and challenging game suitable for large groups or a single person at a time. There are expansion sets available which include extra challenges and more game balls.

How to play Cuponk

Cuponk is played by tossing a ping pong type ball into a container cup. This is the objective of all three types of games. If you are able to get the ball into the cup, it will illuminate and make a distinctive sound. The sound is different for each game. El Campeon will sound like an insane wrestler, and the R.I.P game will sound similar to a zombie. As the game progresses, it will also play brief songs indicating victory. These cute little songs are played though the games built in speakers. All games include a deck of cards which explain the process of tossing the ball. The game is played by throwing the ball according to the instructions on each card. For example, the card drawn might say that you have to bounce the ball on the pavement and your head to make the shot. Making the shot by following the instructions will earn you a point.

The ball is not heavy, and has slightly less bounce than an average ping pong ball. There is no need to be concerned about playing Cuponk indoors, since the ball is designed such that it will not break any objects. Each Cuponk game uses a slightly different kind of ball. "Let it R.I.P" uses a backboard, El Campeon uses a funnel, and the Gorrilanator game uses a ramp. In addition to the instructions for throwing on each card, there are suggestions for creating your own individual moves. If the player misses, then it is the next player's turn.

This game is great practice for improving hand eye coordination. For young people this can greatly improve motor skills, which can help them much later when they are learning to drive. Cuponk is also great for improving reasoning and logical thinking skills. The best part is that all of this happens in an enjoyable and creative way when playing the game. Your children won't even notice that they are improving these skills.

If you are searching for an enjoyable, not too expensive way to wean the kids off of the tube, this is the game to give your children for Christmas. Be sure to get one before the holiday rush!