Think rich people have an easy life?

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 7th Season DVD cover

If you think yes, just start watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm[1] and you'll soon change your mind. 

After my daughter falls asleep, I try to watch a little "Curb" before hitting the sack. I am thoroughly tickled by - and can relate to - how much Larry just "can't let things go." (And I mean the simple things in life). 

It's on HBO and it's brilliant

No matter what the situation, Larry seems to end up with the short end of the stick. Larry David[2] gets into arguments with people he encounters daily, over the most benign things. For example, one lady sampled "too many" ice cream flavors by his standards. So, he publicly mocks her.

Unfortunately for Larry, karma plays out and he is forced to confront these same people he had a horrible interaction with earlier. Granted some of these people are annoying - it's just that Larry goes too far with them.

Now folks, I won't lie to you. There are some bad swear words in it, especially whenever Susie Green (played by Susie Essman[3]) opens her mouth. If the "F" word offends you, then don't watch it and don't let the kids hear it.

Lately, I've been enjoying episodes featuing Leon Black (played by J.B. Smoove[4]). It's both endearing and hilarious how Larry (know as "LD" by the Black family) tries to connect with this character. Larry attempting to be cool and hip is quite entertaining.

Check out the 52 second scene next where Larry mocks the lady who samples ice cream. Later on, he attends a meeting regarding an entirely different matter in which she is in a position of power. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that would be?

Larry David versus The Ice Cream Sampler

Pants Tent
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Cheryl (played by Cheryl Hines[5]) is Larry's wife on the show. She's sensible, down-to-earth, and well-liked by everyone in Larry's social circle. She tries to help Larry understand that the world doesn't work within his "set of rules" but her advice usually doesn't register with him.

We all know she's too good for him, yet you can't help but wish they'd stay together (or get back together). Whoops, I can't give everything away here.

Jeff Greene (who is Jeff Garlin[6] in real life) also stars in the show as Larry's manager. There's something so believable about his voice. On the show, he is also Susie's husband (who tends to get in arguments with Larry). These scenes are where the expletives fly out of Susie's mouth and are directed at Jeff sometimes too.

In a 2013 Jewish Exponent article[7] by Eric Berger, Susie Essman stated, "People always expect me to be Susie Greene." People are visibly disappointed when she's kind and polite to them (which I'm sure is a testament to how convincingly she plays her role on Curb Your Enthusiasm).

Curb Your Enthusiam (Larry David plus Susie and Jeff in background)
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Did you know that it's unscripted?

Well, much of it is

Curb Your Enthusiasm is an improvisational comedy series. Often you can sense when something completely unexpected happens and the actors work with it. It's fresh and there's an elevated energy in those scenes.

Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee comes close to the idea of Curb, but doesn't quite deliver it all (for me).

In Curb, the actors seem to edge each other on to "go the extra mile." They all have stellar acting abilities and I think being in character gives them more freedom to push their limits.

Curb Your Enthusiam is edgy, hilarious, painful, and a reminder that there's a price for fame. A special treat is when the Seinfeld cast makes cameo appearances (as themselves, in real life). If you didn't already know, Larry David was the co-creator of Seinfeld.

Up next, check out this short clip of Larry David trying to deal with an annoying bluetooth user in a restaurant (only 1:26 seconds). Following it is my favorite snippet featuring Ted Danson[8] (who makes regular appearances on the show). And lastly, I leave you with a short, uncomfortable, elevator scene.

Larry David and how he handles a Bluetooth user

One of my favorite scenes

It bugs Larry that others admire Ted Danson so much:

I can understand Larry David in this scene

(The guy was a jerk, but the interaction got out of hand):

Want to get caught up?

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