Nearly everybody has experienced  one of those persistent nagging colds that just wont go away and leave you in peace. You may have tried bombarding it with over the counter medicines and prescribed drugs from your Dr, but still, despite your repeated attempts to "not so politely" ask it to leave, your cold seems to have made itself very happy and at home in your body. You'd think that it would have taken the hint with the day you spent covered up in bed, but feels like it might have moved in for good. There are a couple of very useful Chinese Cold Remedies that may just persuade him to pack his bags and take the hint. Today I will tell you about one of them... Boiled Ginger and Coca Cola.

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Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is very complicated, in-depth and often extremely efficient at curing many things. The remedy in this article is just a home remedy and nothing on the scale of  real Chinese Medicine, but it is commonly used with great effect here in China for curing a common but annoyingly persistent cold.

Confucius say " Coca Cola and Ginger chase your cold right away" ...

Ok as far as I know Confucius didn't sing the praises of this remedy, but he may have sung the praises of the original brown sugar and ginger version because this remedy is considered an ancient one, over 2000 years old I've heard. Obviously whilst we all feel like Coca Cola has been in our life forever, I think 2000 years ago may be stretching things, just a little.

Nowadays, here in China, this recipe in its Coca Cola form, is extremely popular. Even when you go to restaurants during winter, you can buy this as the drink to have with your meal. For days when the temperature is below zero, it can bring all the warmth back to your toes. In fact... it is absolutely delicious, and the fact that it just happens to also help relieve and chase away the symptoms of a cold, is just a super added bonus.

The Ginger and Cola recipe is so easy to make that anyone can do it, and it really is very effective at making you feel instantly better. Just have a look at the instructions below.

If however you are suffering less of a congested cold and more of a dry cough and sore throat, you may want to try a different  Chinese remedy consisting of pears and rock sugar.

The Recipe


  • 1 cup of Coca Cola
  • About 1 inch of thinly sliced ginger


Add the Coca Cola and the Ginger into a saucepan and very lightly boil to infuse the flavours. Do not boil on high or for too long or the Cola will caramalize in your pan.

Gently simmer for 8-10 min (This is debatable, everyone I know says something different but 8-10 minutes produces the flavour I like).

Pure Cold Chasing Delight

Clipart man drinkingMake sure that as you sit back and enjoy your drink, that you also inhale the vapours and delightful aroma of the ginger. It's wonderful for helping clear your sinuses and helps you to relax in a spicy infusion of syrupy delight.

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