A bit of a bedbug can be a very annoying experience. Not only does it itch a lot, it will also develop ugly red spots on your skin that resemble acne. The bedbug often attacks at night, when the victim is fast asleep.  They feed themselves by penetrating your skin with their elongated beaks. The process of sucking blood takes approximately 10 minutes for the nasty little creature. The bites are not noticeable. However when you are awake after a night of bedbug bites, the itches will be unbearable.

It is especially very embarrassing when the bedbug has attacked your face, because it will look like a worse version of acne. The purpose of this article therefore is to give some quality tips about curing bedbug bites.


The best is to prevent the bedbug in the first case. However this is not always easy, especially when you are traveling. If the damage is already done, it is recommended to apply a steroid cream as soon as possible. Another solution is oral antihistaminic. If the bites are very severe, you can better go to your general practitioner, because it can lead to second degree bacterial infections.

Through years of traveling I have tried to invent my own effective solution against the red ugly spots of the bites. The following routines helps me the best:

  1. Wash the damaged skin.
  2. Apply an anesthetic lotion.
  3. Put ice on the bites to prevent swelling.

You must repeat this routine every 6 hours. If it does not work for you, then please go to a doctor.


However bedbug bites not only cause ugly skin, it also ignites severe itching. To reduce the felling of the itches, you can do the following:

  • Apply a calamine lotion.
  • Whatever happens, never scratch the bites.
  • Make sure that you get rid of the bedbugs in your home. Was all your clothes. Hire a pest control team instead of using pesticides yourself.

This is all you can do against the itches. However it has to be noted that there are effective prevention methods on the market. It is better to prevent the bedbug than to cure. Therefore it is recommended to purchase some prevention products like bedbug climb up interceptor.