Facial acne can not only be embarrassing but can play havoc with the patient's self-confidence. You shy away from company, refuse to socialize and even have problems facing close friends and family. To cure face acne is possible but may take time, depending on the condition. While acne on the face is primarily caused by excessive production and accumulation of oil on the facial skin resulting in pore blockage, there are some other contributing factors also responsible for the condition. Stress, atmospheric pollution, poor diet choices, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalance etc have been identified as factors that either trigger an acne outbreak or aggravate an existing acne condition

There are plenty of solutions to cure face acne, but not all work well. Moreover, there are expected unavoidable side effects which prevent many acne sufferers from using prescription medicines or even over-the-counter medications that contain chemicals, etc. It is not surprising to find more and more facial acne patients resorting to natural remedies to cure skin acne as they are safe, have minimal side effects, less expensive and of course extremely effective. Here are some proven techniques to treat facial acne taking the natural route:

  • The first step to cure face acne is to ensure that your entire body as well as the face is free of any type of toxins. You need to alter and make necessary dietary changes so that the body can get rid of all accumulated toxins which are ultimately showing up on your face.
  • When you first see the signs and symptoms of an acne outbreak, with pimples, blackheads or whiteheads showing up on you face, refrain from popping or picking them. This only precipitates the problem and provides opportunities for tell-tale scars on the face.
  • To cure head acne, make it a routine to cleanse without scrubbing the affected area at least two to three times every day. Use the gentlest herbal soap available, preferably that contains benzoyl peroxide.
  • To calm and soothe the affected area on the skin and to cure face acne, take help from the magic herb called aloe vera. Apply its juice at least twice in a day for every day for three weeks.
  • To cure facial acne appearing in men, remember not to shave every day. While shaving, use a gentle shaving blade and avoid scraping the surface of any pimple.
  • For quick relief, it is best to prevent hair from touching the affected areas on the face.

Treatment of facial acne takes time. No matter what the product claims promise you, understand that things do not happen like magic. More than anything else, to cure face acne, you need patience and perseverance.