I Tried To Get Pregnant For Years

My Infertility Could Not Be Cured

My personal story of infertility is rather convoluted.  First, I have to say that I am currently pregnant with my third child, which doesn't sound very infertile at all!  However, my first child was born nineteen years ago when I was only eighteen.  My second child was born at the age of 35 after three years of intense trying and a solid infertility diagnosis, and a $12,000 IVF cycle.  So, I can indeed relate to the emptiness and despair experienced by infertile women and men.

 Ultimately it was discovered that I have tubal infertility.  One of my fallopian tubes was found to be completely blocked, and the other was very narrow and required quite a bit of pressure to push the dye through.  Our reproductive endocrinologist gave us less than a two percent chance of ever conceiving on our own and recommended IVF as our only option.  Needless to say, I was devastated.

 Thanks to the financial generosity of family, we were able to go through with IVF and now have a beautiful two year old daughter.  So, IVF does often result in pregnancy.  However, we originally conceived twins and as a result I gave birth to out babies at only twenty-five weeks.  Premature birth happens in a large percentage of pregnancies in which multiple babies are being carried, and infertility treatments such as IVF are the cause of the vast majority of multiple gestations.  One of our babies died in our hands at only seven days old as a result of being born so early.  Clearly, exhausting every possible way to get pregnant naturally is preferable to this scenario.

My Positive Home Pregnancy Test

What A Shocking Surprise!

Positive Home Pregnancy Test

I Was Able To Cure My Infertility

Perhaps You Can Too

My current pregnancy happened very naturally and almost by surprise.  I say almost because I had started thinking about having another child several months prior, and had made some changes.  First, I approached the idea of getting pregnant with a sense of being positive and receptive, rather than negative and trying to force my will upon the situation.  I didn’t chart my cycles one bit.  I didn’t use ovulation predictors.  I didn’t time intercourse with my husband during ovulation, and I didn’t even know when ovulation was occurring.

What I did do however is start taking supplements which were known to increase fertility.  While I chose the convenience of buying a commercially formulated supplement designed to help with conception, with the right research it is possible to purchase the ingredients separately and form your own regimen.

Secondly, I downloaded an infertility hypnosis MP3 from a reputable site and listened to it every single night in my headphones when I went to bed.  Often I would fall asleep  while listening to it, and the MP3 would loop repeatedly in my ears all night long as I slept.  There is some solid research that proves the effectiveness of hypnosis for infertility, as well as research on the benefits of sleep programming in general.

Thirdly, I changed my diet and exercise level dramatically.  I gave up all sugar and “white” carbs.  I began eating almost nothing but organic meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.  I also joined a gym and started exercising several days per week.

Finally, I can’t help but feel that my dramatically lower stress level helped my body to heal itself and finally get pregnant naturally.

So, I would emphatically recommend these very same lifestyle changes to any and all infertile women and men.  You just may be able to cure your infertility and get pregnant naturally.