Itching, burning eyes can be very hard to deal with especially if you have lots of important things to do and don't have the time deal with such a nuisance. If your eyes are burning, with symptoms of itchiness and a discharge of any type (with the exception of normal tears) there are cures that are available for relief.

Eye problems like burning, itchy eyes can be caused by a variety of factors. Usually problems with your eyes are closely attributed to the environment that you're in. If you are places were cigarette or similar smoke is around you, you can end up with eye problems. Pollutants from a factory or cars can also cause issues for your eyes too.

Some other things that can also cause burning eyes are:

  • Allergies. If its that time of year and the flowers are in full bloom, you can get burning eye symptoms due to allergies or hay fever.
  • Pink Eye. This pesky viral eye infection can be culprit to your itchy, burning eyes.
  • Environmental. As stated above, irritants like smoke or exhaust in the air can cause your eyes to have symptoms of itchiness.
  • Chemicals. Strong chemicals like those from lawn weed killers and chlorine from a swimming pool can cause eye problems.
  • Bacterial Infections. Usually identified with a puffy eyelids and yellowish discharge, a bacterial infection is another bad guy when it comes to your eyes.

Curing Your Burning Eyes

Now that you know the basics of why you have itchy burning eyes, now its time to cure it. The first step of curing your eye of any problems is gently cleansing them with water to eliminate any puss and debris that may have accumulated around them.

After that, grab an antibiotic eye ointment either online or at your local store to begin your initial cure process. Follow the instructions for the amount you should use as well as how often you should apply the treatment. While name brand eye cures work well, often off-brands work just as well for a lot less money.

The cure for your eyes should work within 3 days. If you're still experiencing symptoms, or if your symptoms worsen, you should see a doctor immediately. Burning itchy eyes could be being caused by something much more sinister and so if you're not seeing positive results from OTC medication, you should see the doctor.

Also, at any time, if your eyes get worse in the way that your vision because blurred or impaired, or you experience pain, bleeding, etc., you should stop what you're doing and see a doctor now.

With the scary stuff out of the way, simply the best way to cure your burning eyes is to grab some antibiotic eye cleansers and get started now. You should "see" immediate relief and hopefully not be troubled with more eye problems for a long while.