Yeast infections gone untreated can become very severe and serious. Severe yeast infections can caused by another disease or condition (like HIV) but in most cases, it's just a normal yeast infection gone awry. If you worried about a major disease affecting your severe yeast infection or if you get yeast infections a lot, you should see a doctor for testing. Otherwise, good news is you can get rid of your yeast infection quite fast and easy. Candida albicans (or the common yeast infection) is a family of fungi.

While candida is found naturally in your body and pose absolutely no harm, yeast overgrowth can lead to major problems in your body if gone untreated. If you want to avoid a severe condition, you need to take yeast infection medicine right away. Yeast infections can be found in a variety of places on your body. Most commonly found in the genital area or commonly known as a vaginal yeast infection, yeast infections can also be found in other areas of your body that are dark and moist. Some of those places are the undersides of your breasts, mouth, underarms, and belly.

Severe yeast infections are quite obvious to the sufferer. If your stomach is infected by yeast, you can get a condition known as a "leaky gut". Basically what happens is the fungi grows like crazy in your stomach and intestines. They eventually pierce the walls of your intestines and cause lots of damage and pain. So, yeast infections in the stomach area are considered by most experts as the most worse of severe yeast infections.

The problem with severe yeast infections is in a lot of cases, the victim does not even though they have one. Often, they go to the doctor's for the symptoms they are having and doctor has no clue what is causing them. They give you the wrong medication because they suspect another condition which will do absolutely nothing to heal their yeast infection. So, the victim of the severe yeast infection continues to feel major pain and other symptoms and their doctor has no idea what is going on. If you think you are having a yeast infection affecting your gut, you can undertake a variety of self-treatments to fix it.

There are some easy, natural treatments for severe yeast infections you can do. You can provide yourself some real relief and sometimes cure your yeast infection in your stomach with a simple diet change. First, stop eating foods that "feed" the yeast infection. Fungi love sugary and fatty foods. Skipping those foods can greatly reduce the growth of yeast. Next, start eating green leafy vegetables along with foods high in alkaline. These foods naturally fight yeast infections and will start reducing candida in your body.

Another form of severe yeast infections are ones found in the vagina. Vaginal yeast infections impact millions of women and with the right treatments can be get rid of easily. While there can be many reasons why you can get a vaginal yeast infection, if you get them a lot, it can be due to a chronic disease. Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases can cause you to get a lot of yeast infections. A doctor or health professional can help you discover the cause if you get chronic severe yeast infections. A cure for a vaginal yeast infection can come in a variety of forms and when followed correctly can fix your problem.