How To Cure Writers Block: Write About Things You Know

The easiest way for a writer’s block cure  is to write about what you already know and do in everyday life.. Make a list of topics on things you have knowledge in and use that list to spark your creativity. Take a notepad  or portable device with you wherever you go and jot down new ideas as they come to you.  If you already know the subject you should have many fresh ideas you can draw from.

Know Your Subject

Let's say you want to write a mystery story  but you have writer’s block about where to start  your story. Take time to read novels and stories about your subject.  Make notes on the  things that you find interesting and use those ideas to spark your creativity. As a writer you should read as much as you write. Spend the time and analyze your favorite author's and see how you could drwa from their ideas and make a great story of your own.  Many books take established ideas and change them around to make a new unique story. Think of how many fantasy stories have developed because of Lord of the Rings. If you know the genre you can cure writer's block. The same goes for articles or other stories get to know the subjects and think of new ways to change them around so they become your own.

Deadlines and Writer's Block

If you are working on a deadline and get writers block take a break to refresh your mind. Take a walk, read, eat something and just refresh your mind in whatever way works for you. Don't stress about deadline as you relax just clear your thoughts. If you come up with an idea just start writing and you may just finish the project before you know it.


Make your workspace comfortable and keep things where you can find them. If you are looking for something when you’re trying to generate ideas in your head you might get sidetracked and make the writer’s block even worse. Keep clipping and other ideas close at hand so you can refer to them when you need a writer’s block cure.

You Can Find That Writer's Block Cure

Writers block doesn't have to be an enemy. Start by writing about the subjects you are passionate about and keep your creativity moving. Read as much as you can about your subjects, take frequent breaks, and try to stay organized. Find a time of the day that works the best for you and focus on your writing. If you use some of these techniques you will find that your writer’s block cure and become more productive.