Do you have painful chapped lips and wondering how to find a cure or relief for them? Not only is this an annoying and possibly painful condition to have, it also doesn’t look too good. If your lips are dry and cracked, and if you experience pain while smiling or just moving your lips, you need to treat them as soon as you can. There are many reasons why your lips may be extremely chapped and even burning, and I hope to give you some possible solutions. 

Why Do I Have Swollen and Chapped Lips?           

This can be caused by several things, most commonly from overall dryness of your mouth. The main reason is very cold conditions but it can also occur from sickness.

If your lips are dry and burning, or even red and swollen with cracks, then you have chapped lips. If untreated your lips may even start bleeding and it can lead to Angular cheilitis, a more severe condition with an infection. You don't want it to get this far. 

Cure for Severly Chapped Lips

- First, you need to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of  fluids. Avoid dryness of the mouth at all times. 

- Use a good oil-based cream or lip balm regularly, especially before heading out in the cold.

 This is the best cream lip balm in my opinion. I used it after seeing the good reviews on Amazon and it really has worked for me in the past during the winter.

You can use these if you already have chapped lips or to prevent getting them.

- Try not to lick your lips much as this can cause them to become even more dry. Also try hard not to pick your lips. 

*This is another good lip balm by Vaseline that should work for you.

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Home Remedy for Chapped Lips

- I have read that100% pure lanolin (natural) has helped cure many peoples chapped lips. 

- After brushing your teeth, brush your lips gently afterwards with the toothepaste.  Follow up by applying Vitamin E in paste form.

- I've also heard that honey mixed with sugar has worked for people. 

- Vaseline may or may not work for you, but I think it's worth trying. 

Why Your Diet Is Important

- Besides drinking plenty of fluids, what you eat is actually also important. Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, which contain vitamins like Vitamin B, which helps keep your skin healthy.

- Having too much sugar and sweets in your diet can lead to dryness and chapped lips. 

- If you like drinking hot tea this is definitely a plus as well as eating a lot of soup, which will help keep your lips hydrated and protect the skin tissue. 

I think these tips will definitely help you get rid of painful chapped lips fast.