If you are suffering from anxiety you are not alone. In fact there are over 40 million Americans, according to the American Psychiatric Association, who suffer from some form of an anxiety disorder. The bad news is that many so-called traditional treatments are terribly ineffective for curing anxiety. However curing anxiety without medication is possible and it's what I would like to discuss today.

Anxiety disorders affect the brain and central nervous system. They cause physical symptoms ranging from rapid heart beat to sweating to difficulty thinking. In order to combat these symptoms the establishment recommends regular visits with a therapist and beginning a medication regimen preferably prescribed by a psychiatrist.

There are numerous problems with this model. The first (and most important) thing about it is that it is, in many cases, ineffective. The reasons for anxiety, even today, aren't fully understood. And therapists, in particular, do not have a lot of tools at their disposal for treating anxiety. The main weapon that they employ is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.

CBT has shown to be effective in many cases, particularly in cases where thinking errors are leading to panic attacks. However, CBT does not work in all cases -- not even close. And when it fails your therapist won't have many options left to them.

The simple fact of the matter is that most therapists do not have a great deal of personal experience with anxiety disorders. It is likely that they have never suffered from a serious anxiety disorder themselves. What they do know is what they learned in the text books and workshops. This can be effective in dealing with textbook cases but in many cases they simply do not have the answers.

So what is an anxiety sufferer to do? The answer is to look to curing anxiety without medication. There are a number of techniques developed by people who have actually overcame anxiety disorders that do not require prescription medication. With a change in thinking and a willingness to try new things you can accomplish your goal of eliminating your anxiety.

The way this is accomplished is through a combination of herbal supplements, exercise, diet and thinking exercises. It is not necessarily easier that taking medication, though it is more effective and more cost effective.

The approaches developed by actual anxiety sufferers have proven, in my experience, far more effective than the ones developed by the high paid mental health industry. The difference is quite simple. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder you can be constantly experimenting with different techniques, finding what works. If you learn an approach from a textbook, you will have trouble coming up with working alternatives when your main method fails.

The internet has proven to be the best source of alternative approaches to for how to cure anxiety effectively due to the community of sufferers and experimenters that can be found on websites on forums. If you are looking for an anxiety cure, that is your chance of finding freedom.