How many of us had to go through those bad periods of spasms and pain everytime one had a bladder infection?How many of us have suffered severe bladder infection like symptoms but got a negative result at the doctors office? I know the pain and agony a woman goes through when she suffers with different kinds of annoying symptoms for which no doctor provides a successful solution.

The very first year of my marriage was dreadful, I suffered for one whole year with bladder infection like symptoms, paid hundreds of dollars for doctors visits most of the time ending up with negative results.They put me on a huge dose of antibiotics which spoilt my whole system. I ended up having the most severe yeast infections and gastric problems. All the doctors would say that it might be PMS or I had something called intersticial cystitis which isnt an infection but causes symptoms similar to a bladder infection and that it had no cure. A person who never suffered a bladder infection would never understand the pain. I could not take no for an answer. I then started my intense research over the internet, I spent hundreds of dollars on different kinds of remedies but in vain. All day long I would browse the internet trying to find new remedies for my problem.I tried so many different things which sometimes drove me nuts.

One fine day I found my miracle cure, cranberry juice. I know that cranberry definitely helps bladder infections but not every cranberry juice. I tried several different brands over a period of several months but in vain.I then by sheer luck came across the Tree of Life cranberry juice concentrate and yes, I found my cure. I swear that it gave me such a relief which I was craving for in months.So heres my cure, you need to try it to believe me.

Take 1/4th cup of the Tree of life concentrate and add water to it, drink this every 1-2 hours when you have synptoms.Make sure you drink it the first thing when you wake up and before going to bed.I take it 4-5 times when I have severe symptoms and it flushes my infection away.It might cause some diarrhoea. Sometimes the test results are negative at the doctors office and that is because very slight infections are somehow not caught with their tests.So everytime you have that weird feeling in your bladder gulp up a couple of glasses of the tree of life cranberry juice, I can assure you it will kick out the infection. Also take Gynatren probiotics along with the cranberry juice.You can order gynatren online at natren probiotics.

I had suffered a lot due to annoying symptoms and I wanted to share this with all the people who have suffered like me.Its also helpful for yeast and bacterial infections.Disease cant survive in an acidic envioronment and hence it works wonders.

Happy cranberry!!!!!!!!