Gout is one type of arthritis that often inflicts pain on the person who suffers from it. Men are more prone to having gout, especially those above 40 years old. Women can also suffer from gout. Typically, women suffer from gout during or after their menopausal period.

Gout can be very painful and can affect every joint in your body. Most commonly, gout affects the feet, ankles, wrists, elbows, and fingers. Aside from pain, gout can result in swelling too. Once the affected areas begin to swell, the slightest touch can inflict a terrible pain. There is so much pain associated with gout, that it is sometimes mistaken for a dislocated bone or sprain.

It can be hard to diagnose gout by yourself so, it's important to visit your doctor if you find that you have gout related symptoms. Typically the doctor will extract a sample from your joint and use a microscope to look for any signs of uric acid crystallization. This type of crystallization occurs when there is excess uric acid due to a failure in the kidney.

Gout becomes a real possibility for those who are having kidney problems and have trouble releasing uric acid build ups. It's important to note that uric acid can form when a person overeats purine rich foods such as meat, kidneys, beans, liver, anchovies, peas, crabs, sardines, fish roe or caviar, mussels and salty dishes.

If the uric acid in the body remains at a high level, curing gout is going to be near impossible. To help prevent gout problems, try to follow the following preventative measues.

Drink lots of fluid per day, preferably more than 96 ounces. This will help the kidney get rid of all of the unnecessary uric acid in your system.

You should consider adding cherries to your main diet because cherries are proven to improve uric acid excretion. Black cherries are preferable and you can consume them in juice form. There are even black cherry tablets that you can purchase as a health supplement.

Eating a lot of raw fruits such as bananas and strawberries is very helpful in dealing with grout issues. Try soothing meals such as salads, potatoes, and nuts. Milk is often used as a soothing nutrient for gout pain.

Lastly, try to perform some light exercises to move your joints and remove toxins from your muscles. Frequent joint movement will help aid you in curing gout issues.