Plantar warts grow because of a virus. They are found on the feet, usually to bottoms. Often they are flat and can grow very broad if they are left alone. The biggest problem with plantar warts is that they dig into your feet with a long root. Add that to the fact that they spread to others and to other parts of your feet by breaking apart and you may find that getting rid of a plantar wart is a very frustrating issue. However, there are several different things that you can do to cure your plantar warts.

Stop at the Store.

There are several kits, liquids, and gels that are used for getting rid of plantar warts. You can choose one of these, but you will want to make sure that it does indeed treat plantar warts and not just common warts. You also need to follow the directions carefully because missing a day can mean it taking forever to get rid of your wart.

Stop at the Pharmacy.

Even better than most over the counter drugs is a product called mediplast. It can be purchased without a prescription, but you are going to need to talk to your pharmacist to get it because it is kept behind the counter. This product comes in a sheet form. Small pieces of the sheet are cut to fit your wart and then you secure it with a piece of tape. It can be hard to keep it on, but it works faster than many other wart removing medications.

Head to the Hardware Store.

Most won't actually need to head to the hardware store for this home remedy that really works, but for those that don't have duck or duct tape home it is easy to locate some. For this cure you only need to take a medium to large sized piece of duck (or duct) tape and apply it to your foot. Many doctors will admit that this works, though they aren't really certain why. It is possible that the wart needs air and by placing the duck tape securely over the wart you are cutting it off from the air. There is also a possibility that the duck tape contains some sort of chemical to make it sticky that kills the wart. No matter why it works, the good news is that it does indeed work!

Vitamins and Supplements.

There are a number vitamins and supplements that are supposed to help get rid of plantar warts. However, you should know that it will still take a long time to get rid of the wart and you could be looking at 2 to 5 months worth of daily treatment.

  • Vitamin E. There are a number of doctors who believe that applying vitamin E oil to your wart will cause it to heal over time. It should be applied at least twice a day, but more is better. Simply apply the oil and then cover it with a bandaid or bandage. Make sure that you are only using the vitamin E on the wart and not taking it orally. Consuming large amounts of vitamin e can be toxic and even fatal.
  • Vitamin C. You can take a vitamin C chewable tablet and crush it up. Mix in a dab of water and then apply the paste to your wart. Let it dry and cover it with a bandage or a sock so it isn't rubbing off.
  • Garlic. Garlic is supposed to be a supplement that also helps with getting rid of warts. Get some liquid gel caps. Apply the oil inside of one to the bottom of your foot and take one twice a day.

Caster oil.

Most of us don't have caster oil around the house anymore. However, it isn't hard to find some and it may be an easy and safe way to remove your plantar wart. Apply a drop of caster oil each morning and each night. Rub it in and then cover it up. This should get rid of the wart after a few months.

Going To The Doctor.

If you are like me you want to wait till the last and most desperate moment to actually go to the doctor. When it comes to plantar warts this is probably a good idea. There are three options that your doctor has. First it should be noted that many doctors will send you to a specialist (a podiatrist). In this case it could be a lot more costly to go see a doctor. Here are the options that either your family doctor or your podiatrist has to offer.

  • Freezing the wart. Liquid nitrogen can be applied in an attempt to freeze off the wart. In many cases it requires several treatments because the plantar wart has dug in with a deep root.
  • Surgery. There are two surgical methods that can be used to try and remove the wart. The first is a conventional sort where a scalpel will be used to try and remove the wart. If it is successful that will be the end of it and you will be well on your way. However it is possible that even the doctor will miss some of the wart and it will grow back (often bigger than before). The other option is for the doctor to use a laser to try and remove the wart.
  • Medicine. Finally the doctor can prescript a medication similar and often about as effective as over the counter medications.

Don't Do That!

Plantar warts have been around a long time and one thing that people do that they shouldn't is dig or scrape them off. You don't want to try to cut the wart out yourself because you might not get deep enough to get to the root and it would then grow back bigger than before. You could also spread the wart to other locations. In addition you are increasing your risk of infection by doing this. You also shouldn't try to scrape it off because you are likely to spread it this way.

No matter what treatment option you choose to use it can and often does take a few months to get rid of a plantar wart. You want to make sure that you are choosing an option that doesn't cause too much pain for yourself. Your final option is to just leave it alone. Most plantar warts will go away on their own in eight months to a year.