Curio is a Mac OSX desktop mind mapping tool like Freemind and other desktop mind mapping applications. It is only available on the Macintosh and it rather beautiful to look at like many OSX only applications. In this article we will look at Curio Mind mapping software, its features and how you can use it.

Curio is very beautiful, as a user of similar software on Windows and OSX, I almost look at it. That is not to say it isn’t a powerful application. The main point about Curio is that it isn’t just a mind mapping application.

Curio is available in three flavours; Curio Core, Curio Standard and Curio Professional. They all offer the same basic capabilities of note taking and mind mapping, but the Standard and Professional version offer functions like freeform sketching, creating “boilerplate” mind maps and better task management.

Curio mind mapping feature list (Available on all versions)

  • Idea spaces allowing freeform placement of ideas and mind maps
  • Mind map with support for different map types such as radial, left/right and more
  • Project templates
  • Search projects
  • Rate projects and prioritize them
  • Export to PDF, HTML, images and iPhoto

The ability of the Curio mind mapping software to combine mind maps and note taking makes it very useful for all kinds of people; in particular students, teachers and people who consume a lot of data. You can integrate images, text, links along with the mind map itself.

The higher versions also allow integration with Evernote shelf, audio and video recording, “mini mode” for research and a full screen mode for fewer distractions. You definitely get more features if you spend more money on Curio, but my advice would be to use the trial and note down how many of the advanced features you use regularly.


  • Amazing design
  • Lots of ways to export your mind maps
  • Large feature set which combines several applications into one


  • Curio mind mapping software does incorporate other features other than mind mapping, which may make the user experience cluttered for some people.
  • Mac only
  • The higher versions are expensive, especially if you are only after mind mapping functionality


Curio mind mapping is a premium product with many different features. It may be overkill for those users who only want mind mapping capabilities, and so potential users should take full advantage of the free trial available to test whether Curio is really for them.


Alternatives to Curio mind mapping include free ones like Freemind and paid for such as Mindjets MindManager. These are both good pieces of software and worth considering if you are after software that focuses solely on mind mapping. Also Curio is only available on the Apple macintosh platform, meaning that if you run both OSX and Windows, you may stuggle to transfer maps between the two platforms. 

Do you use Curio mind mapping? What do you think of Curio as mind mapping software? Please feel free to write a comment below.