A lot of the high-end hotels boast that they use them and use the fact that their beds are covered with Egyptian cotton bed linens as a selling point to get you to choose their hotel. But what is the big deal with Egyptian cotton sheets? I'm glad you asked. You may actually be surprised to find out how many benefits and added comforts 100% Egyptian cotton bedding can provide.

A better night sleep on hot summer nights is just one potential benefit you may reap from the purchase of these high-end sheets. If what you buy is the real deal this high-quality cotton can help keep you cool even when the nights are unbearably warm. If you are a sweater than this high-end material is a must have as it traps the moisture that can cause you discomfort and leads to tossing and turning and a rough nights sleep

The feel of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets is not comparable to cheap or low quality bedding. Simply the difference in texture can make crawling into bed a more pleasurable experience. With the right craftsmanship even high thread count bed linens made up of 100% Egyptian cotton are lightweight and comfortable unlike linens crafted from other nonnatural or man-made materials which can feel bulky and suffocating.

Good quality Egyptian cotton blends will often (though not always) contain a higher thread count than inexpensive and lower quality linen options. Higher thread counts will often entail longer-lasting and more durable bed linens.


Egyptian cotton bed linens have a tendency to become quite wrinkled with use as well as with washing and drying. For those who like clean lines and picture-perfect appearances you may want to invest in the steamer or another type of wrinkled guard product. Another fallback that those who previously purchased this style of bedding commonly ran across is not necessarily with the product but with those selling the product. There are a lot of products on the market whose product description is flawed, carefully worded or just downright deceiving. (*see below how to avoid this)

How to Choose High-Quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets

There are several things you should look for when shopping for the best quality Egyptian cotton bedding. First and foremost, check to make sure that it shows 100% Egyptian cotton and not polyester or cotton blends both of which are nonnatural man-made materials. You can also check to see where the materials originated from. Not all packaging will include this information in easy to find print but it is often listed somewhere on the packaging or label. If the origin of the cotton material does not show a 100% Egyptian origin there's a chance that the product has been partially made with inferior cotton or cotton blends.That is not to say that you will be any less impressed with what the sheet set provides. Pay attention to the thread count. The most common sheet sets are found with thread counts ranging anywhere from 400 to 1500 - the higher the number - the better the durability.

*Perhaps the absolute best way to know the product you are getting is high-quality and exactly what you are looking for is to see what other people are saying about it. Reviews can be fairly simple to find online and if you take advantage of sites such as Amazon then they are even easier to locate and review.

How Much Do 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Linens (Sheets) Cost

The cost of the average sheet set can vary based on several factors that include; the size (King, Queen, double, twin...), Purchase location, craftsmanship and thread count, to name a few. To get a decent quality set expect to pay no less than $60 and up to several hundred dollars (or more).