Naturally Curly Hair Can Be Produced Easily If Your Hair Already Has That "Curly" Bounce To It. Here Are Several Tip On How To Magnify That Bounce That Everyone Loves.

Is curly hair really natural hair? Well, for a great many of us, it actually is - no matter how much we would prefer a hair style that was straighter, eventually our natural hair catches up with us and curls out. But this can be a good thing, especially if you know what to do with those curls. Curly hair care doesn’t have to be the science experiment many make it out to be. Done right, it can actually be an easy, fashionable way to wear your hair.

Don’t believe us? Just run a Google search on men and women with curly hair and there’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of pictures of people who not only have curly hair, but look great doing it. When our curly hair looks good, people are jealous of it - and they wish their own hair had the same bounce and personality that ours does simply in its own natural state.

But how do you maintain naturally curly hair to keep things fresh? Well, as you might be surprised to learn, less can often be more.

How is this the case? Well, if you’re familiar with the Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule), which states that oftentimes, 20% of the action produces 80% of the results, you’ll want to know just a few things that keep your hair curly. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. And, heck, when it comes to hair, sometimes less maintenance is more.

Curly hair care is often the same way. The curls will produce themselves if left to their own devices, which means all you really have to do is let the curls grow out. Sure, you’ll have to pay attention to a good length and realize that natural hair doesn’t have to mean you wear a jungle on your head, but you get the idea: curly hair often looks good simply when allowed to do its own curling and its own growing.

The best way to maintain this hair is simply to keep it clean on a regular basis. Some people advocate avoiding shampoo for extended periods of time because it enhances malleability, but when it comes to curly hair, malleability is not what you’re going for. Instead you want something that bounces, or at least looks like it’s ready to bounce. Malleable hair is more suited for people with very straight, and sometimes longer, hair.

Keeping your tresses clean and fresh is not all there is to curly hair care, however. You’ll also want to make sure you give it a good brushing now and then to be sure it’s kept fresh, clean, and that it’s giving a bit of an exercise. You’d be surprised how great your tresses can feel after a brush, and in fact it can be nice for your scalp, too.

Do It Yourself Natural Hair Styles That You’ll Love – Trust Me!

How can natural hair styles be as good as the artificially-induced ones? Easy – by looking and being as real as it gets.

If natural hair styles haven’t sounded good to you before, there’s a good chance you arrived at this article because you’re curious about the prospect of natural hair.

I don’t blame you. Natural hair has a number of advantages over the perm and relaxer-dependent hair styles so many of us have opted for in the past. For one thing, natural hair is cheaper. For another, it’s much easier to maintain and will require less daily work over the weeks and months - and even years - you maintain that natural hair style.

But once you understand the appeal, that doesn’t mean you understand how to make natural hair styles happen overnight. You do need a little shove in the right direction, a little piece of guidance to get your natural hair style kicked off in a good way. So let’s take a look at just a few do-it-yourself natural hair styles that you - and the people around you - will love.

There Are Several Great Styles for You to Choose From Regardless If You Have Naturally Curly Hair or Naturally Straight Hair

Styles for people with naturally curly hair: Naturally curly hair can be a mixed bag, a blessing and a curse. For one, you may really love the way you look with curly hair - and you might find yourself inciting jealousy within the people around you as they have to brush their narrow, straight tresses. But on the other hand, having curly tresses can mean a decrease in flexibility for hair styles unless you really get it treated good.

Since we’re not talking about treatments here, but instead natural hair, it’s time to focus on natural hair styles for people with curls. There are a number of ways to handle curly tresses. You can go short, medium, or long, for one. You can also add “twirls” to the ends of your curls if your naturally curly hair is a bit straighter than other curls. It all depends on the look of your individual tresses.

Styles for people with naturally straight hair: While straight hair has the disadvantage of not always looking so great in its natural position (unlike curly hair), it does have an advantage: flexibility. Having straight hair means you have a blank canvas on which to paint your masterpiece.

But since we’re talking about natural hair styles here, you’ll want to remember that straight hair should only be “messed with” to a certain degree before it begins to look too artificial or become too high-maintenance. Focus on brushing straight hair into the patterns you want it, and don’t be afraid to grow it out so that you can style and shape your straight hair “down” to a look you’ve really wanted.