Hair Product Tips For the Curly Girl

There are many different kinds of hair, but curly hair is by far one of the more difficult ones to care for. If you have naturally curly hair or have spent the last several years making your hair curly, you are likely already well aware of this. However, with the proper hair care and use of curly hair products, your head will be one of both admiration and envy wherever you go.

Curly Hairstyle OptionsMany people view straight, smooth tresses as the most desirable. Because of this, the market is overrun with smoothing serums, anti-wave gels, chemical relaxers and the latest straightening irons. However, curly hair has made a comeback in recent years, and many women strive for a head of flowing, non-frizzy curls.

Accordingly, there has been a rise in the amount of curly hair products, and now there are almost as many of these products as there are straight hair products. As a bonus, many of these products even include curly hair tips on packaging or pamphlets that feature various curly hairstyle options.

Curly can be difficult to manage because instead of growing in a straight direction away from the scalp, it spirals outwards. Curly hair has its own variations in that these spirals can vary in length and width. Curls with a smaller width will be smaller and tighter than those with a larger width, and these types of curls also tend to result in a head of tresses that are more voluminous. Conversely, tresses with curls in larger or longer spirals can be more reactive to moisture and prone to frizz.

There is also Afro-textured curly hair, where hair shafts naturally grow in a very tiny spiral shape. Left naturally this type of hair is very voluminous and appears thick, although in reality it tends to consist of fewer hair shafts than many other hair types. All types of curly tresses can be thick or thin, however, and most are difficult to comb or brush, much less maintain in general.

Curly HairWhether you have naturally curly hair or make efforts to make your otherwise straight or wavy hair curly makes a big difference in the types of products you use. Be sure to look on the products’ packaging for whether or not the so-called curly hair products are for naturally curly hair. Products that are meant for tresses with a perm or tresses that are made curly via curling iron or by other means will say otherwise.

But just why is it important to know the difference, you ask? Well, curly hair products that are meant for non-naturally curly hair tend to have stronger, harsher ingredients in them. Using these when you don’t actually need to can damage your tresses. On the other hand, non-naturally curly hair will see little effect (aside from some frizz) from curly hair products meant for naturally curly hair.

That being said, if you have a mix of naturally wavy and curly hair (in other words, some parts of your hair are on the curly sides while others roll out in waves), there are plenty of curly-wavy hair products that will do you just fine. Just be sure the package says it is meant for use on both curly and wavy hair. Using certain exclusively curly hair products, especially those meant for very curly hair, in this case may just end up “confusing” your tresses and making it appear messy.

Some brands specialize more in curly hair than others, and it is best to compare curly hair products reviews before blindly going into a store and making a purchase. If you have a brand that you already like, go to their company website and see if they have a line of products just for curly hair. Getting something that can be used on “all types of hair” is not necessarily the best choice. After all, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should!

One brand to check out is Aveda. This company has developed a line of curly hair products called be curly™, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, styling gel and other items. Most importantly, their curly hair products aim to enhance curl definition and combat frizz, which is what most people with curly hair should look for in a styling product.

Be aware, however, that many brands first started with smoothing products and items meant for straight hair, but then only added more curly hair products when they were looking to expand and keep up with competition. Looking closely at the reviews of these is not only essential to getting the best-quality products, but is particularly important when it comes to saving you money. Many people feel it is safe to assume that the higher priced curly hair products are always the better quality ones, but this is certainly not always the case. Be sure to compare both consumer and customer reviews before making a decision.

Nevertheless, there are brands that were founded on curly hair needs and have remained focused on curly hair products. One such brand is Ouidad, which got its start in the 1980s by opening the country’s first ever salon to cater exclusively to curly hair, according to Ouidad’s website. Deva Curl, a similar brand, is another one to look into because it focuses on combating frizz. Another brand with an emphasis on curly hair products is Jessicurl. Catering to all types of curly tresses, Jessicurl has 11 different products that range from cleansing to styling.

Although the aforementioned brands can be used on most types of curly tresses, there are also many products out there that are specifically made for Afro-textured curly tresses. Black curly hair products usually have a little more softening strength and help to lock in moisture.

No matter what kind of curls you have, curly hair products will only go so far. Eating right, avoiding heat damage, being gentle with combing and getting a complimenting haircut are also vital to have a beautiful and healthy head full of tresses. Embrace your curls!