At the moment, vintage photo frames are all the rage. Distressed wooden frames with faded paint or wooden photo frames with mottoes and slogans written on them. Life is a journey; enjoy it – that kind of thing. Sentiments that set off the images contained in the frame.

It’s also quite current to have vintage photo frames with more than one space for a picture – like a three frame hanging arrangement for example. Again you will find that mottoes and slogans play a big part here – for instance, a set of three hanging picture frames with the legend A True Love Story, ideal for incorporating a photo from an engagement party, one from a wedding and one from the birth of the first child.

These charming modern vintage frames make the memories that you put in them even more special. They can also be used to create a complete gift, by buying the frame with the right motto inscribed on it and then including the photograph most appropriate to it.

The trend is to make the photo frame more than just a frame for a photo. Instead it becomes part of the story of the photograph, making it the ideal gift for a celebration or special occasion. Multiple photo frames, for instance, like a double heart photo frame or a set of three intertwined frames, give the perfect space to put pictures of all the grandchildren – and so the ideal gift for a doting grandmother or grandfather.

The trend for vintage frames is part of the wider trend for wood, faded paint – which you might hear referred to as shabby chic or you might find it spoken of as colonial. Both mean basically the same thing – lots of pale colours and natural wood; furniture and furnishings that look as though they have been lived in.

Colour wise, natural wood or pale paints are the order of the day. Whites, creams and blues rub shoulders with black and white or sepia tones. Enamel-look paint can be quite fashionable at the moment as well. Anything that reminds you of simpler, better days is on trend; and the sentiments on those slogans are all about keeping your eyes on the flowers by the wayside too.

In times of recession of course, retro is always the first thing to come back in. To a degree, vintage style photo frames encapsulate the whole urge to remind ourselves of more comforting and simpler times. They are after all about framing specific and presumably happy memories, giving them a space on the mantelpiece or the occasional table.

They’re also about celebrating the things in life we can all have – the gifts that are free. Love, laughter and watching the children grow – these are the things that true happiness has always been based on. Vintage style photo frames, where the motto and the design are meant to be part of the overall memory – the proper setting, if you like, for that perfect day on the beach– are a timely reminder of the more important things in life.