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Need an auto loan with low current vehicle interest rates? Usually car loans have the following interest rates: 4.98% for 48 month loan for used cars, 4.05% for 48 month for new car loan, 4.96% for a 36-month loan for used cars and 3.93% for a new car loan at 36 months. You can avail of these options in the market of automobiles. To make a certain vehicle affordable, the least is more important because it can lower installments per month. Accepting the first car loan rate offer is not a good move.

Getting different quotations from various lenders of auto loans is vital, especially on current vehicle interest rates. The best way to get multiple quotations is by inquiring from a car loan broker. He or she can give you information about different car loan companies that offer diverse car loan rates. By doing this, you can compare different car loan rates from various auto companies so you can get the best loan rate in the market.

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History of credit score is a factor in deciding what car loan rate to choose. With efforts along with discipline, improving one’s credit line in six months is possible. Keeping track of one’s credit score is advisable. A co-signor with a good report on credit can help you apply for auto loans with low current vehicle interest rates.

Buying vehicles or going for car loans by the end of the month is also a good move. Purchasing vehicles at the end of the month is the best time to negotiate with salesmen of different auto companies because at that time they are pressured by completion of that month’s targets. You are on the right track to negotiate the vehicle’s price as well as its loan rate. The lowering of vehicle price or rate of auto loan affects the monthly installment pay of the loan amount.

How to Get the Best Interest Rates

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To acquire the best conceivable current vehicle interest rates on an auto loan, two things are important: one is the current vehicle interest rates not to mention various creditor options and funding offers. Another is your individual financial condition and its potential restrictions. Since the so-called meltdown in subprime-mortgage, shoppers have lessened and became tight. But the situation improved as local manufacturers intensified incentive offers.

Some main factors to determine current vehicle interest rates:

  • The lender – It would either be borrowing from the bank, a lending company or the financing department of the automaker. Usually dealers are the middlemen for these loan sources where they take a cut in the course. Credit companies for auto loans often offer minus twenty percent of some auto loans compared with that of car dealers.
  • The car – Is it a new car? Or used car? Or very used auto? Best rates of new cars are often those of the lowermost. Why are loan rates of new cars better than that of loans for old cars? That is because they qualify for 0% financing
  • Length of Loan-term – Since the September 11 attack, zero interest loans were offered in 2 to 3 installment plans and expanded on 5-year loans as of now. In general, current auto interest rates go higher as the terms become longer. This means the older a car gets, the higher its rate gets too.
  • Credit rating - Debtors with outstanding credit acquire lower rates. According to a government official, only around 15% qualify for automaker’s 0% offers.

To get the best rates, choose and apply for shortest term span in order to take gain of small current vehicle rates.

How to Avoid Being Rejected


The saying about not succeeding at first then to try and try another time is never applicable to loans especially if you have bad credit scores. The latter is a primary determinant in processing of the approval of loans. The more credit checks triggered in your credit history, the more demerits you’ll have off of your not-so-good credit score. Worse then becomes worst.

However, if your credit mark is precise and you have engaged all possible stages to improve you credit score, then you're ready to be a good buyer and apply for current auto interest rates. With good credit scores, applying at credit companies is an excellent option. Though exclusive in releasing loans, credit companies’ rates are lower. Credit unions are a great option; while they're perceived as exclusive; their interest rates are usually lower than that of a bank. They are more probable to observe a subprime circumstance of an applicant.  Exceptions apply for problematic credit past effects from expenses in medical aspect, divorce or unemployment.

Auto Loan Rates

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Rates on auto loans are very critical in car financing. The current vehicle interest rates for which you meet the requirements in will affect your payment per month, term of your loan, and the interest amount you pay in the process. Online research is helpful in this aspect as you can easily determine and compare the right car loan rate to get the possible deal on the next auto purchase you do. Current car interest rates fluctuate from time to time based on variations. The present lending trend is the basis of influence on auto rates. Among lenders, rates of car loans also vary. Some who lend attract business with super low rates. Others preserve average rates then differ themselves in customer support or all else. Credit history is another factor in car loan rates. With a good financial standing, low interest auto loan rates is for you. Still, you can find affordable rates although your credit is not perfect.


There are many factors in current vehicle interest rates, and in India alone, reports on the local auto market have a slow and new investments made auto companies stay away due to slow demand. This is due to very high increase in loan rates in just two years. So before you purchase a new car or a used car using different types of loans – through bank, credit companies or through dealers – always put in mind how current vehicle interest rates affect you and your loan.