Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Are Back In Style

Choosing a diamond cut can be a confusing process. Every cut affects the look of a diamond differently depending on a variety of factors. From the color of the diamond to the clarity, and even to the color of the setting that you choose to put it in, it can be a lot to juggle. One particular cut has been gaining in popularity.

Kobello 1-1.25 Cttw Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingCushion cut engagement rings have come back in style with their vintage feel and luxurious looks. Stars have helped bolster the trend with celebrities like Miley Cyrus rocking the antique look with her yellow-gold intricately designed ring by Neil Lane that features a gorgeous 3.5 carat cushion cut diamond.

While most of us may not be able to claim a ring budget that high, because of its classic style, the cushion cut is a great way to infuse any ring with elegance. In some ways though, choosing a cushion cut ring is a little more difficult. Because of the different styles of cushion cut and because of the way that this particular cut reflects light and shows the color of a diamond, choosing carefully and making an informed decision will be especially worth your time.

If the look of the cushion cut makes you think of a time of romance, beauty, style, and poise, that’s because it is one of the oldest cuts and is traditionally seen in genuine antique rings. Invented almost two hundred years ago, the cushion cut use to be known as an “old mine” cut. Today we know it as the cushion cut because it resembles, of course, a cushion or pillow.

3.25ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary RingAlthough others may try to sway you out of this cut because it is not considered as “brilliant” as a round cut, it does have unique qualities that allow it to reflect lights in its own beautiful way that can either appear as pure white light or as a rainbow. A cushion cut is also one of the most modifiable cuts, and one that can be the most personal because of this.

One of the most obvious ways that cushion cut engagement rings can differ is not just the size of the stone but the shape of the specific cut. Unlike asscher cut engagement rings, cushion cut has some flexibility in the width/length ratio. Depending on what you prefer, you can get a cushion cut engagement ring that features a more square or more rectangular diamond. This is probably the first decision you should make about your preferences when shopping for a cushion cut stone. Check out some cushion cut engagement ring pictures around the web for a sense of what the different shape options are.

2.30 Ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Channel Set 14K GOLD CUTThings get even more complicated when you begin to think about the technical details of the cut of a specific cushion cut diamond. If you just want a cushion cut engagement ring and you don’t want to worry about all these minute details, you can still walk away with a beautiful ring, especially if you look around online and compare from a variety. If, however, you want to pick precisely the look you love, then you need to know a few key terms. The first one that you may hear is the difference between a “standard” cushion cut and a “modified” cut.

Yes, there are differences between these two styles of diamonds. However, unlike what many would have you believe, the difference between these two styles is not synonymous with the difference between a “chunky” or a “crushed ice” look. When you look through a cushion cut engagement ring from the top that is when you will be able to see the difference between these two styles.

1.80 Ct Cushion Cut Petite Diamond Engagement Ring Pave 14K White Gold FlawlessWhile a chunky cushion cut engagement ring will show off the facets, or the pattern of cuts, of the diamond; a crushed ice look will not. When looking at a crushed ice diamond, you generally will not be able to discern a pattern and while this is technically considered less ideal, it does create a beautifully unique look to each individual diamond. One thing that doesn’t change though is that because of the wide style of a cushion cut engagement ring it is recommended to choose the highest color and clarity possible.

If you feel like you have seen the cushion cut in a host of bright and bold colors, that’s because this cut is especially popular for gemstones. In fact, one possibility when choosing a cushion cut engagement ring is to ditch the diamond idea and go with something fabulously off the beaten path like a cushion cut sapphire engagement ring.

1 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with a .75 .7 Carat H VS2 Center Stone and 0.35 Carats of Side DiamondsThe reason that this cut is so well suited to gemstones is because the design of the cut, the stone will keep and project its color more strongly than other cuts. While this is great for a blazing red ruby or a vivid emerald, being able to see the color of a diamond is considered a negative trait. It is especially important to choose the highest color grading you can afford with a cushion cut engagement ring.

The only exception to this rule is if you plan to set the diamond in yellow gold. Lower color grade diamonds tend to show off a yellow tint which can be magnified by the cushion cut. However, this magnification can be offset by a yellow gold setting, which also adds a nice vintage feel to the ring. If you plan to set it in white gold or platinum though, try to get a diamond with at least an H rating, but preferably a G or better.

While we’re addressing settings, it’s important to know that whatever setting you choose, remember that a cushion cut stone must be set in at least a four prong setting. While a cushion cut solitaire engagement ring is absolutely stunning and shows off the diamond without any distractions, cushion cut engagement rings are well suited for a pave setting. For example, Tacori offers a wide range of pave settings featuring cushion cut diamonds that give the illusion of a ring made solely of diamonds. They even offer micro pave engagement rings which mean that the diamonds are placed even closer together for a breathtaking illusion of a singular diamond band.

Speaking of retailers, while it is of course best to see anything in person, searching online is notably more fruitful when searching for a cushion cut ring than other cuts because this cut is still on the rise to popularity while others are more established. Be sure you can see a real up-close photograph though; otherwise you won’t be able to distinguish the finer details of the diamond that we’ve discussed.