Buy the Best Custom Auto Stickers on Sale for Cheap

Custom auto stickers are widely used to promote businesses and products. The production of auto stickers depends on the shape and dimension of the automobile. Auto stickers can be applied on bumpers, windshields and body parts. Most auto stickers are multi-colored with the four colored printing process cyan, magenta, yellow and black). C.M.Y.K (the multi-color effect is valued for pictures and overlapping color designs.

Types of custom auto stickers

There are die-cut auto stickers: They are available in large and small sizes and special shapes are cut from printed materials to meet the buyers need..
Bumper stickers: These are placed specifically on bumpers and are available in lengths between three and ten inches.
Small stickers with specific shapes (circle, rectangle and square stickers) are from 6inches and below.

Which custom auto stickers are durable?

Custom auto stickers with polyester or vinyl background are most durable. Stickers are printed in full color and of all the color processes, the screen printing process gives the thickest ink deposition. Inks treated with ultraviolet lights are used for this process and are forced through a mesh stencil on mainly outdoor polyester and vinyl materials. Nevertheless, screen printing, although time consuming can be applied on other materials- reflective, holographic, acrylic and plastic etc. To save time, many stores use printers and plotters to produce stickers.

Stickers can last for up to five years when properly laminated. Polyester materials are available in chrome, gold and clear types but are not commonly used like vinyl materials which are resistant to damages caused by chemicals, the sun or friction. They can be applied to all kinds of surfaces and are available in clear, white and yellow forms.

How to prevent errors when choosing colors

When placing orders by mail, customers should make sure that screen printed files undergo a clarity check. This is because there are standard revolutions for spot colors and four color files. Four color files should have at least resolution of three hundred dpi (dots per inch) and a line specification of hundred while spot colors can have a sixty-five line for high quality. The artwork should be placed at one -eight inch distance from the edge to prevent bleeding. Customers should also note that quality on the laptop might not be the same when printed.

Cost of custom auto stickers.

There are many conditions that influence how expensive a sticker would be. First off, materials like paper are cheapest followed by basic vinyl and polyester, holographic, highly laminated and reflective vinyl/polyester which is the most expensive. The type of adhesive can also influence cost.

Sticker prices climb higher with cost. Custom sticker sizes are more expensive than stock sizes and there are different prices for auto stickers between 5 and 27 inches in most stores.

The price of the sticker increases when new colors are added and it is cheaper using spot colors than going through the four color process. Charges also apply when requests are placed for an exact color match. A more complex color process calls for a larger price tag.

For wholesale buyers, it is cheaper to buy more as many stores offer price reduction as the quantity increases.

Finally for a total sum of expenses, customers should ask about shipping costs and tax fees before ordering.