Custom Bedding Sets and Bumper Pads gift sets for boys are widely available. They make sure your friends' little man looks cool, even when he is asleep. Having a custom baby bedding set can really 'pimp' the nursery room. What if the boy sleeps underneath a bedding set of airplanes? Construction vehicles all around him, or even jungle animals! Sounds great right? Way better than the standard infant bodysuit if you ask me!

Nursery beds differ from normal beds in a couple of ways. First of all, they have vertical bars to prevent the child from falling out. In the first months the bars make it impossible to roll over and fall out of bed. When the child starts to stand up, the bars should be high enough to prevent them from climbing over.

Second, the vertical bars cannot have a space in between of more than two inches. This is to prevent entrapment between the bars. Also the bed itself cannot have any space for entrapment.

And last, the bed is rather empty if you compare it to an adult bed. A nursery bed doesn't contain pillows, stuffed animals or any other objects where a baby can sufficate from. All of these precautions make up the perfect nursery bed!

There is only one thing missing and that is the styling! And therefor there are custom baby bedding and bumper pads available. They enable you to have create an awesome crib in an even more awesome nursery room!

Custom Baby Bedding and Bumper Pads Gift Sets for Boys

Bedtime Originals Travel Time Baby Crib Bedding Set

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Probably the most boyish bedding set you can give to the new parents. It is blue, has all kind of vehicles on it and has a though look. This set includes a quilt, a bumper, a sheet and a dust ruffle!

Boutique Brand New GEEENNY Baby Boy Constructor Crib Bedding Set

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A little more classic look. The colors aren't very bright and you can even say they are boring. But still, it is definitely a boy bedding set and it looks pretty cool. This set says: 'I give your boy something classy, yet modern enough'.

This set includes one comforter, one bumper, one fitted sheet, one skirt, two window valances, one diaper stacker, one toy bag and two throw pillows. It includes three wall art decor hangings as well.

Kids Line Crib Bedding Set

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I said this about the first one as well, but this set may be even more for a boy! Ultimate baby blue is what I would call the color.

This set includes a quilt, a 4-sided bumper, a fitted crib sheet, a dust ruffle, a window valance and a diaper stacker.

Lambs and Ivy Wings Baby Crib Bedding Set

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Fighter planes! Nice! Really awesome if you remember the movie Top Gun you know the coolest boys become fighter pilots! So I think you will make a statement when you are giving this bedding set as a gift.

Big Rigs Baby Crib Bedding Set by Kidsline

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Another rather classic looking bedding set. Lot of colors, lot of pictures. This set is always a good one.

This bedding set includes a crib quilt, a crib bumper, a dust ruffle and a fitted crib sheet.

If you liked all of these nursery beds for boys, you may want to check out the custom baby bedding and bumper pads gift sets for girls as well. If you want to look more in a theme check out the custom baby bedding and bumper pads with a jungle theme or the custom baby bedding and bumper pads with vehicles!