Custom Baby Bedding and bumper pads can be in every theme you would like, but the Jungle theme is pretty awesome, you have to admit that. Infant beds are especially designed for your baby and this means there are a couple of requirements.

  • Save from entrapment. Baby's feet and hands are really small. The tiny hands is one thing that makes the little baby's cute actually. But these little hands can get stuck between even the tightest areas. That is why the vertical bars shouldn't be apart for more than 2 inches.
  • Save from suffocation. This sounds really horrible, but there is a reason why little kids shouldn't have pillows or stuffed animals in their crib. They can actually suffocate if they roll over for instance. Clearing the baby's crib from objects where they can suffocate from is an important precaution.
  • High enough. With a higher crib the little kid cannot climb out of the crib, but even more important, it cannot roll out of the crib as well!

A safe crib doesn't have to equal an ugly crib. With custom baby bedding and bumper pads there is a lot you can do to make your baby look a little cuter when he or she is asleep. One of the coolest themes I can come up with is the Jungle theme! And luckily, there are bedding sets for it! Underneath these sheets your little kid will look instantly like either Tarzan or Jane!

Custom Baby Bedding and Bumper Pads: Jungle Theme

The NoJo Little Bedding Jungle Time

Custom Baby Bedding Jungle 1Credit:

A giraffe, a monkey and an elephant. Is there anything more you could wish for? This crib set consist of 4 pieces all in the jungle theme. It includes an appliqued comforter, appliqued 4-sided bumper, printed crib sheet and a dust ruffle.

NoJo Little Bedding Jungle Pals

Custom Baby Bedding Jungle 2Credit:

This bedding looks like the other from NoJo, but this one has a lion in stead of an elephant! I suppose this is more a boy type of Jungle bedding. This set of four includes comforter, fitted sheet, bumper and a dust ruffle.

Boutique Beautiful Amazon Jungle Animals

Custom Baby Bedding Jungle 3Credit:

With this bedding you will have slight a different look than the NoJo bedding sets, but still an amazing bedding. This set includes a monkey, an elephant and a zebra! Included: A crib quilt, crib bumper, fitted crib sheet, 2 window valances, crib skit, diaper stacker, toy bag, 2 decorative accent pillows and 3 wall art decor hangings!

Boutique Safari Jungle Animals

Custom Baby Bedding Jungle 4Credit:

Again a slightly different look, but more in the jungle theme! These jungle animals are even more cartoony than the others. This set includes a comforter, a bumper, a fitted sheet, a dust ruffle, a diaper stacker, 2 window valances, a toy bag, baby pillow and a baby bib.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from this list of custom baby bedding and bumper pads in the jungle theme! If you want something special for your girl or boy, check out the custom baby bedding and bumper pads for girls or the custom baby bedding and bumper pads for boys!