Custom Baby Beddings and Bumper Pads for boys are used to improve the look of your baby's crib. When you want to keep your baby save you will have a special baby crib instead of a normal bed. Having a special infant bed makes sure you took some precautions for preventing child injury, know as  'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome' (SIDS). Why? A couple of reasons.

  • Infant bed are too high to climb over. Neither do they have footholds where they child could lift up to.
  • There cannot be any form of entrapment. The vertical bars should not be more than two inches apart to prevent entrapment of hands and feet.
  • With very young baby's there are no pillows. This is to prevent suffocation. Also should the sheets be tight and there cannot be plush toys.

Custom Baby Beddings and Bumper Pads for Boys

All of these precautions are of course for the safety of your child. It doesn't mean the crib cannot look amazing anymore! There are a lots of ways to make sure your baby boy looks though in his bed. Here are a couple of example of custom baby beddings and bumper pads for boys you will love.

Custom Baby Bedding for Boys: Travel Pieces!

Custom Baby Beddings and Bumper Pads for BoysCredit:

With this bedding your boy will still look cool! Besides looking cool, the baby boy will also be made ready for the real deal when he grows up. This custom baby bedding includes:

  • An airplane. As a boy, I remember having airplanes on my wall all the time. I mean, every boy wants to grow up to be a pilot right?
  • A car. Boys gotta love cars!
  • A train. Trains are one of the things I didn't completely understood as a kid, but I can see it now. Following the track, making your own, pretty nice!
  • A boat! Playing in bath with a ship. Thinking of being a captain brings in the best in boys!

Custom Baby Beddings for Boys: Sports!

Custom Baby Beddings and Bumper Pads for Boys: sportsCredit:

Probably the next cool thing after vehicles and something all boys should appreciate: Sports! I don't know how the fathers here are remembering their youth, but I was on the field playing soccer (yeah, I'm from Europe) and swimming competition as well! Now, prepare your boy for a sport career with this sports bedding. The sports included:

  • Baseball. The typical American father-son sport.
  • Basketball.
  • Soccer.
  • American Football.

Custom Baby Beddings for Boys: Construction!

Custom Baby Beddings and Bumper Pads for Boys: ConstructionCredit:

Another typical boy thing: building things! With this amazing looking bedding your boy will grow up with the most awesome construction vehicles to keep him warm. I love the truck and the toolkit just from the look of it. It includes:

  • A cool cement truck
  • A normal truck
  • A toolkit
  • A couple of gear wheels
  • A nice excavator!

Would I love this one as a baby boy? For sure!

I hope you got some inspiration from these custom baby beddings and bumper pads for boys. Another article is about custom baby beddings and bumper pads for girls! I think it is an easy (and pretty cheap) way to make your little guy look a lot better while he is sleeping. Why wouldn't you use this bedding?