Custom Bookmarks is a newer Pligg site. It only has 213 indexed pages so don’t expect a lot from this site right away. Everyone and their brother is creating their own social bookmarking sites and finding the good ones in the midst of all the bad one is a bit of a challenge. Custom Bookmarks is a clean looking site which is a good point in my book.

Quick Facts about Custom Bookmarks

Easy Indexing: Unknown
Easy to Use: YES
Revenue Share: NO
DoFollow: YES
Profile URL Link: YES

Page Rank 0

Custom Bookmarks Walkthrough:

Registering with Custom Bookmarks

This site uses the extremely easy registration process that doesn’t require email confirmation. You simply pick a user name and click verify, enter your email address and click verify, and put your preferred password in twice. You are than an active user and can start setting up your profile page.

Setting up a Custom Bookmarks Profile Page

Once you are a registered user you can set up your profile page. First click modify from your profile and you’ll see a bunch of things you can fill out. I only pay attention to the homepage section. Enter the URL you want your profile page to link to. I usually set it up to go to another bookmarking sites submitted scoops page.

Creating Your First Bookmark

This site uses the phrasing “Submit a New Site” instead of scoop but it’s all the same thing. Enter and submit your URL. You then enter a brief description of your page. On this site your title is automatically picked up (you can edit it) but you have to put in your own description. I just cut and paste the first paragraph of the page that I am bookmarking. Enter the correct CAPTCHA letters, choose a category, a couple tags, and click preview and submit. Click submit site and you are done. All fairly simple and you may as well get used to this process because social bookmarking sites are all kind of similar.

**Indexing Update** My content has been up on this site for 7 days today. It is indexed. A bookmarking site that gets indexed in 7 days is a pretty good place to hang out. My history page is indexed as well. If this site consistantly indexes in a week I'd have to say it is a good place for a newish site. This site has no limit to the number of submissions that you can make so I'll probably use it before some of the 1 bookmark per day sites.

So what exactly do I think of this site? I like it. It’s new but I like the simple looking pages. It’s not cluttered with a bunch of unnecessary junk. I’m a simple person who likes simple sites. I don’t like having to hunt for the right thing to click which is sometimes necessary on more cluttered sites. Just because I like the site doesn’t mean that I recommend it. It is new and really has no search engine authority so this is one that you are going to have to take on faith if you decide to use it.

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