Custom challenge coins are a great way for a company, fraternal organization or civic group to give employees or members a special recognition to boost moral or as a special service award. Challenge coins have a military origin, but today many groups are now utilizing the ability to create custom challenge coins for a wide variety of purpose. For almost any organization, this can be a unique way to offer employees a meaningful keepsake that is sure to be appreciated.


Why use custom challenge coins?

Custom Challenge Coins

The distribution of these tokens can be widespread or very limited. An organization can use different designs to designate specific rankings or classifications. The main reason for using custom challenge coins is for camaraderie and a creating a feeling of a team. Any person possessing a coin knows they are part of a unique group of people. Most workers want to feel special and part of a team. Passing out challenge coins can accomplish this. It is an inexpensive way for a company to celebrate employees in this tough business climate.


How can custom challenge coins be used?

The best thing about custom challenge coins is they can be used for limitless purposes. A company can award custom coins based on attendance, promotions, sales goals, years of service, employee-of-the-month, or based on annual evaluations. The distribution can be tightly controlled to make the holders a unique group or given to many people as a small token of thanks. Holders of the challenge coins can also be given opportunities to win prizes or receive other awards if they can present their coin when challenged by supervisors or senior management. This will further increase the likelihood that a custom challenge coin will be kept and carried and remind workers that they are part of a team.

A custom challenge coin can also be crafted exclusively as a branding and marketing tool. People love free thing and these inexpensive coins make great handouts at trade shows or even mailed to potential or existing clients. The corporate logo or slogan appears impressive and memorable on a well designed token.


What custom challenge coin options are available?

The sky is truly the limit with custom challenge coins! Companies can order coins cast in virtually any metal. Enamel can be added for colored details. Protective coatings and edge lettering are more features. Designs can be flat, heavily embossed or debossed. Company logos or insignia play a central role in the design normally. A variety of types can be ordered to allow employees or members to earn more and more valuable coins depending on factors established by the organization.

Custom challenge coins are a great way to create a feeling of belonging. Many such coins have even ended up on the secondary market as collectors of challenge coins seek to add to their holdings. The variety of themes are practically limitless. There are army challenge coins, air force challenge coins, marine challenge coins and navy challenge coins. Outside of the military, police and firefighters are strong users of custom challenge coins. Even Nascar and the NFL have their own challenge coins. This is a really interesting way to give a reward to staff or members and the popularity of challenge coins will continue to grow. There is no wrong way to collect and this hobby is open to both the young and old alike.