If you are planning to purchase custom Christmas cards to send to your friends, family, business associates, or clients, I may have some unique information for you to know before you make a commitment on how they should be created. First, there are four hints to find a quality online store to buy Christmas cards, and there are plenty of stores to choose from. If you want a wide selection to browse from, then you certainly should purchase the cards online. It is expected those businesses have more images to choose from.

When you start shopping for customized photo Christmas cards, it is possible that you will decide to choose one type out of three to consider. Cards with a Christmas photo and greeting will have some text on it. Sending a card that doubles as a romantic type to show your lover is another kind. Get your entire family together to take a photo to use for your personalized cards is a clever way to let other people see an updated.

Design Crafters

A website to go and buy custom Christmas cards is Design Crafters. I've just recently visited it, and I enjoy looking at the images of the snowflakes that are on top of every page. The color scheme of the website is good. It's nice to see gradient on the background of the website title. The pattern that it has is worthy of looking at. They do have two pages of testimonials from their customers. The first page is at designcrafters.com/testiModule/pages/testimonials.

On the About Us page, the picture of the seven staff members for Design Crafters shows that it is a small business. The company was established in January 1993 in Oak Hill, VA, USA.

The left column lists the 54 categories for the cards they sell by alphabetical order. I can't believe the company is able to make money as they only sell Christmas/Holiday cards.

100% Guarantee

Debby Sibert, President of Design Crafters, wrote an open letter that guarantees the products are distinguished and the customer service is first-rate. The company will either refund your money or give you replacements. Of course, you must contact them why you're not happy with your product so you can make a case for yourself.

The Design Crafters does not resell the personalized cards that are returned to them. Thus, they will mark them as losses for them. That is how they show confidence that their manufacturers' are dedicated to provide excellent cards.

Jewish New Year

They even have Rosh Hashanah cards to send. It marks the beginning of a new year of the Jewish Calendar. In addition to holiday greeting cards, the special day is celebrated with festive and sweet food and special prayers

Charity Proceeds

The staff members at Design Crafters are gracious to give ten percent of the profits, after expenses and taxes, to ACCESS Ministry. The facility is building a respite center that will provide a positive environment for children with disabilities at McLean Bible Church. For more information on that church, please go to www.mcleanbible.org.