Custom Wedding Bands and Designs

Custom Designed Wedding Rings

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Finding a custom set of wedding rings can actually be a pretty stressful experience. The main problem I experienced in picking them out was indecision and inability to agree on a style. We ended up opting for non-matching bands, but it was a difficult decision. Everything plays into the choice, even the price!

Custom designed wedding rings or bands are a great option, and one I wish I'd heard of when we were looking! In years past this would have been an expensive and time consuming thing, but thanks to modern technology, a set of custom designed hand made wedding rings is easily done, and the price won't come at much of a premium. Learn more about custom designed wedding bands below!

Custom Designed Wedding Rings: How It's Done

Design Custom Wedding Bands

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In the past, if you wanted a set of hand made wedding rings made, you'd need to go to a jeweller (of course). You'd commission him to create a set of handmade wedding rings, and he would put them together using his tools, to the best of his ability. I'm not knocking the abilities of hand jewellers; some of them are incredibly talented. But there is no denying that computer technology just puts it in the dust. While this sort of makes me sad, it's a good thing overall because it means higher quality craftsmanship. 

Custom designed wedding rings are now much better made than in years past. This means that your diamonds aren't going to fall out. You ring will be perfectly round and shaped exactly to the size you need. If you have to have the ring altered, it will be done precisely, with no mess ups. Handmade wedding rings are just more reliably made these days, thanks to computer technology.

Custom designed wedding bands are typically made using CNC technology, so the cuts are precise and the ring is perfect, even under a microscope. Importantly, any mounted diamonds or jewels will be seated properly and are unlikely to fall out. 

Handmade Wedding Bands: Value Comparisons

Custom Wedding Bands

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You'll find that a set of handmade wedding rings hardly costs more than their wholesale counterpart. That's not to say they won't be expensive, especially if you're going with gold. Skyrocketing gold prices will make even the simplest custom designed wedding ring set extremely expensive. The fact is, you're going to be paying a lot anyway, so why not go with a quality, custom design that has personal meaning to you?

Hand made wedding rings will always be a great story to tell. It's pretty romantic, knowing that there are no other rings exactly like the two on your hands. With a hand made wedding ring you know exactly where the gold and jewelry comes from, and you have someone to return to if you have a complaint or need alterations. 

Lastly, a set of custom designed wedding rings gives you total creative control. And I mean total! You can get virtually any design under the sun done with jewelry technology these days. Bring in a sketch or image of what you want, and prepare to be amazed. I highly recommend handmade gold wedding rings to any couple preparing for marriage!