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Jonathan's Element Bars' website is very user friendly and applies inherent personalization to just about every aspect of his custom, homemade, and all natural energy bars creation service. From your thoughtful selection of 'elements', in each main category like 'fruits' and 'sweets', to your ability to customize the packaging of your custom energy bar, his Element Bars' website is very thorough and is really quite fun to interact with.

As you continually interact with the Element Bars' website by adding a variety of 'elements' to your custom energy bar, there is actually a nutrition facts sheet, on the right hand side of the screen, that updates, in real time. This is a great 'element' to Jonathan's website, which allows users who, in this market are typically health conscious to begin with, keep an accurate account of just how many calories are added with each new ingredient.


At the time of my visiting Jonathan's website, it took very long to update any desired changes in your custom energy bar preferences. In all fairness, however, this can be more than likely attributed to the massive influx of visitors that occurred along with the national airing of 'the Shark's Tank'. With my peaked interest in this awesome idea, I am sure that I was not the only one who immediately wanted to navigate his website and create my own custom Element Bar.

Full Review

My introduction to the world of Element Bars' custom energy bar creation service came from an episode of ' ˜the Shark Tank' ™, which aired on September 14, 2009, on the abc network. Jonathan Miller, a young entrepreneur and founder of the Element Bars' ™ website and concept, turned to ' ˜the Shark Tank' ™ in an attempt to raise a $150,000 equity investment in return for a 15% stake in his company. As the first entrepreneur to pitch his company, and its website and product, to the  ˜'sharks', my interest was immediately peaked as he detailed his own inspiration for his construction of this homemade and all natural energy bars creation business.

Through their website service, at Jonathan's company Element Bars, you can essentially create a homemade energy bar that is specifically tailored to your own energy bar likes and nutritional requirements. In this particular episode of ' ˜the Shark Tank' ™, Jonathan spoke of how, as a huge fan of energy bars, he would typically be greeted by a nutritional facts product label that was inundated with a variety of obscure ingredients that he had never heard of. Distraught by this fact, coupled by a few other facts that served as thruster fuel for his innovative idea, he had created Element Bars.

While I currently have one custom batch of Element Bars on order, this review, in particular, will address my experience navigating, and interacting with, his company's awesome website. As an energy bar fanatic myself, if his energy bars are even remotely similar, in taste, to that conveyed by the ' ˜sharks' themselves, once my first batch of Element Bars arrives I am pretty confident that I will be even more enthused about this service which allows the everyday 'joe' ™, like you and I, to make your own energy bars whenever you feel like it.

In Closing

Even in a very crowded, and potentially over saturated, market for energy and protein bars, I am a firm believer that Jonathan is sitting on a very unique and creative idea. With incredible sales already, his company's national exposure just by virtue of being the first featured on this week's episode of 'the Shark Tank', I believe, is positioning himself to become a formidable opponent in this market. Where customization is embraced and integrated into just about every aspect of our daily lives, like purchasing cars on a website that allows you to do the same, why wouldn't custom energy bars be embraced in a similar manner?

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