Colorful School Backpacks in Japan
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Has your kid ever lost his school supplies? Mark their backpack with a custom engraved plastic id tag, just like you mark your travel bags. Not only does it improve kid's safety, but looks stylish as well. Let's see when you should consider attaching such a device to your kid's backpack.

When engraved plastic identification tags can help?

This kind of mark-up can help, when your kid loses his backpack. Does that scenario seem improbable? People often forget the bags in the bus or the underground. Some youngsters eave them on the park benches. Kids can throw their school supplies on the tree. I had my backpack stolen by my neighbors' dog.

Don't risk having to fork out your money for a new backpack and replacement school supplies. Your kid may come up with a new, impossible way of losing all their school stuff.

How would you like a helpful stranger to call you about retrieving these precious supplies? Some folks are kind enough to bring the missing backpack themselves to your home!

There's also the chance that your kid gets lost. While that's a rare situation, it can easily become dangerous. When the child forgets their home address, plastic identity tag on the bag can make a difference between a fast return and hours spent at the police station.

What information should you engrave on id tag?

Should you include your full address on the label? This simplifies the contact with a lucky finder and helps directly, when the kid gets lost. On the other hand, there's a possibility of some stalker learning more about your child, than you'd ever want them to know.

Choose the balance between convenience and safety. You need to consider your kid's behavior and the attitude of your local community, before deciding. how much to show on the plastic identification tag. Make sure to include your phone number, so the people are able to contact you about the items, which they found.

Where to find personalized engraved plastic id tags?

Labels, which are used to identify travel bags, tend to look serious and stylish. They make a great choice for an adult, but most children find them boring. However, most shops with school supplies carry no cute engraved identification tags. So where can you find interesting labels for your kid?

There's a simple solution: you can use the pet tags. People will never guess, where you got them. These stickers come in unique colors and shapes, which your kid is going to love. You can order personalized id tags online or find them in your local pet shop.

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What to look for when ordering custom engraved plastic id tag?

  • Make sure, that you choose a sturdy model, which will last for years and never fall off. Here the plastic identification tags for pets rule. Their design helps them to withstand animal teeth, so they can survive your kid's attention as well.
  • Choose an engraving color, which contrasts with the background of your id tag. Try to select the sticker, which would look well with the shade of the school backpack.
  • Buy an engraved id tag, because the rain could wash off all the ink from the printed label.
  • Select the model with a solid connection ring, so that your identifier never falls off
  • Make sure, that you explain clearly, what text you wish to have engraved, so as to avoid a misunderstanding.

Custom engraved id tags attached to school backpack help to keep your kids and their stuff safe. Well chosen plastic stickers decorate the bag as well.  Try to add this accessory when your children go back to school this year.

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