Golf Carts are generally used to transport people and equipment around a golf course. They might also be used by the employees or residents of a particularly large private complex like a manor. In many cases the owners of the carts like to get the bodies customised and made according to their preferences. While companies like EZ GO ,Club Car or Yamaha produce ordinary conventional golf carts, the types that are generally used on the course. However, many private individuals find the normal golf cart body too plain and get the bodies customized to fit their tastes and preferences. They change the aesthetics of the golf cart so as to suit themselves.

An example of this would be car enthusiasts who get their golf cart bodies made in a variety of car designs to replicate their favorite cars that they think represent their persona best. Manufacturing companies could make golf carts in the general form of most given four wheelers so as to look like a miniature model of the owners favorite car such as the Hummer H2.

Another reason why people get custom golf cart bodies made is to add seating capacity to the golf cart. With the pre fitted bodies that the golf cart comes with, it is not really possible to add seating capacity in a safe manner and this could even lead to the damaging of the golf cart. Hence in such cases, a new body is fitted onto the original chassis such that it can bear more weight and hence the user can add more seats.

Golf cart bodies can also be manufactured to change the design of the cart from a vehicle used to transport people to a vehicle used to transport goods. This might be done by owners of warehouses where small goods need to be transported around and a golf cart fits the bill. Advertisers are one of the biggest consumers of custom golf cart bodies.

Many advertising companies might use custom golf carts as a means to advertise a certain product which may itself be the shape of the body or might be engraved on the body. For example a soft drink company could use a golf cart shaped as a soft drink can to advertise their product and make their point to the consumers.

Other reasons to customize golf cart bodies could be to make adjustable seats that can be folded in as and when needed or in another case, if a private company or a certain golf course buys a golf cart, they may want to get it customized to get their company logo designed and incorporated into the body.

The best place to make such a purchase would be from companies specializing in manufacturing golf cart bodies. These companies can make custom body kits complete from bumper to bumper including custom seat designs, rocker panels, the dashboard(again available in multiple materials), carpeting, grilles, trunks, decals, side mirrors, seat rails, bumpers and any other aspect of the cart according to the customers preferences. Also the golf cart body can be made with the material of the customer's choice i.e. aluminium or fibre glass. The paint job is customized and decals and patterns can be painted on as the customer chooses.