Laptop not looking so new or appealing anymore? Perhaps you are just looking to protect its current condition from every day uses? Custom laptop skins and Notebook skins can be the answer and fix all for this simple issue.

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How to Make Custom Laptop Skins - What's Typically Required

Often to create your own custom laptop or notebook skins all you need is a picture or pictures that you have ownership of or the rights to use, the specs for the laptop you are wanting it for and a program (available through different selling sites for personal creations) to put it all together. So basically if you have a picture in your head of what you are wanting chances are that is exactly what you are able to get.

You can also get custom laptop skins that are created by others. These typically entail designs that are created either specifically for you or with a certain theme in mind. These can often go beyond a standard uploaded graphic or shape and can be more intricately designed and detailed or perhaps just something that is a bit outside of the the run of the mill laptop and notebook skins you will find available elsewhere.


  • Picture, photos, graphics
  • Size of laptop skin is being created for
  • Computer
  • An Idea of what you want to create
  • A site to create and order it on

How Can You Customize your Laptop Skin?

Keeping in mind what you need the possibilities are nearly endless. You can custom create a laptop skin using text, graphics, pictures, shapes and so on. You could for example use a picture of you and your best friend, spouse, pet etc and add some words Best Friends, Lovers, or perhaps even add your favorite quote, saying or even favorite poem or poetry verse if that is what you wanted to do. You can create a beautiful picture or a gory masterpiece it is all up to you granted the artwork you want to use is available to use for personal purposes.

How to Find Custom Laptop Skins

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Your best method for finding skins is to do a quick online search. Google search offers an immediate listing of some of the more popular sites and dealers for purchasing notebook skins and laptop skins for you system. A year or so ago these were available readily in a lot of the electronic stores and even displayed in a lot of small stores through out malls and such. However, if you've tried looking for them recently then you know that this is no longer the case. If there are stores that still carry them with their regular inventory then the choices appear to be slim. The closest thing you now find are keyboard skins and laptop bags.

One of the easiest ways to get custom laptop skins or notebook skins is probably to go directly to Amazon and search laptop or notebook skins (you can also simply click the following Amazon Laptop Skins to be taken directly to the search). Here you can find dozens of skins including gel, gelaskins and customizable ones. Many of the listings can be searched for specific computer makes, models and brands or more generically off of the size of the laptop you are purchasing for. You also have the assurance that these companies are monitored and reviewed by fellow customers and Amazon as well.