Custom made decals

Custom decals are printed according to a buyer's specification and need. Decals are often custom made to provide long term outdoor, weather and water proof forms of mobile advertisements or to promote companies. For certain locations or surfaces, temperature resistant decals are manufactured to prevent damage caused by heating. Custom orders, aside from the decoration of houses, cars windows and doors are also made for placement on acid batteries and use on reflective and magnetic materials.

Materials for custom designs
Decals that are pressure sensitive are usually printed on vinyl and polyester. Vinyl materials are flexible and resistant to ultra-violet light. Polyester is the most durable because they do not shrink or stretch. Decals can either be clear or opaque depending on the artwork that is being marketed.

Custom made decals for kids:

At times when parents make plans to put up fun-looking decorations for their children's rooms, kids' wall letters are always a favorite choice. Decorative wall quotes serve a variety of functions; from putting up a child's name to education on the alphabets, showing love, boosting spiritual awareness or providing daily motivation. According to future prospects, a parent may decide to make the kids wall letters removable or permanent. Some decorations made with vinyl or thin film, stick to the wall while the painted wood, canvas and ceramic letters are mostly hung with ribbons.

When choosing colors for decal wall decorations and picking the appropriate wall decorations for a child's room, it is advisable for parents to include a child's favorite color in the decorating theme. It may be mixed with other primary, neutral or pastel colors for beautification. A shiny finish can also be applied. Decal letters come in different shapes and sizes and can be placed pointing upwards, downwards or arched on the wall. The size of the letters should be noted in inches and parents can decide whether to do the spacing by themselves or order the pre - spaced types. Letters are available in upper, lower or mixed cases and are combined with all sorts of writing styles in different formats and languages. Choosing the right format depends on the purpose of the lettering and the age of the child. Kid's wall letters can be customized to match orders in most stores and swatches should be provided for specification.

Cost of custom made decals

Most custom made decals are more expensive than ordinary decals because extra adhesives, finish or colors are added to the piece. The kind of material, color of artwork and size also contribute to the cost of decals. Certain kinds of polyesters, vinyl are more expensive than the average and paper is cheaper to use only that it lasts for a shorter time.
Colors: The higher the color complexity, the more expensive it will be. In many decal making stores, the stock and one color decals are quite lower in price than the multicolored or personalized ones.
Size: small sized decals are lower in price because they require less material for their make-up. A three inch decal can be sold for a dollar or two.
Quantity: decals are cheaper when ordered on wholesale for any type and design. This is also a cost effective method for buyers who want to host an event involving large numbers of people.