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When I bought my old house, I knew that the kitchen cabinets would need refinishing, and so would the kitchen knobs and handles. The English tudor is in excellent condition and is quite charming as it was, but the kitchen cabinets brought the kitchen down and made it look drab and dull. I had thought about hiring a company to come in and refinish my kitchen cabinets but decided to do it myself so that I could save some money. While I've never been too handy with a screwdriver before, this home improvement project looked easy enough for me to try on my own. I carefully removed all of the Amerock pulls, knobs and cupboard handles using a screwdriver and set them aside.

I was pleased to see how easy it was, which was very encouraging. Next, I spent a considerable amount of time refinishing them to a nice cherry oak that looked modern but still blended in well with the house. Then, it was time to deal with the kitchen knobs and handles so that they helped to enhance the cabinets. I tried using some Weimer Silver Polish lotion, but it didn't do a whole lot of good. While polishing, I actually broke one of the handles! I had thought about replacing the entire set of Amerock pulls, but thought better of it. I didn't think that the cabinet pulls were the original ones that were installed when the home was originally built, but they were certainly older than I could find in any furniture trim store. Amerock pulls are high quality and look great, and I didn't want to replace them if I didn't absolutely need to. I began to search for custom kitchen knobs and handles online but didn't find what I was looking for. 

Finding Cupboard Handles To Match Can Be Challenging

I never realized how hard it could be to find cupboard door handles for my kitchen cabinets. It seems like every time I found what looked like it would be a good match, I was always off a bit in the handle design, although I was able to match the color for the cupboard handles just right. I didn't want to admit it, but I think it was time to give up on finding the matching Amerock pulls, because the ones that I had were just so old that they were too difficult to find. On the bright side, maybe buying a new set of cabinet pulls would update the look of the kitchen a bit, as long as the look wasn't too radical. I did buy the house for the old-fashioned charm, and I didn't want to lose that by changing the look of the kitchen cabinets too much.

I took a break from shopping for the handles for a while and painted the kitchen in a color that matched the cabinets nicely. I’ve never been a huge fan of home remodeling, but I decided that this might be a good point in my life to bring out my creative side. I actually found the experience far more enriching than I ever imagined possible. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, but being able to see the beautiful results of something that you have created is hard to explain and truly must be experienced to actually appreciate.

While I was at it, I decided to pick up some kitchen drawer pulls. I figured that if I was going to be stuck replacing the cabinet pulls I might as well update the entire kitchen. I didn’t realize how many drawer pull designs there were to choose from. I seemed to have developed an affinity for wrought iron drawer pulls throughout this process. The wrought iron pulls add a classy touch that can’t be compared to a stainless steel drawer pull, no matter how nice they are. With all of the looking, I decided to open up my options to different manufacturers other than the Amerock pulls that I searched so heartily for just a few days earlier. The experience was actually quite liberating.

I'd recommend this project to anyone who is looking for a quick facelift for their kitchen. You don't need to be handy and don't need any special tools to finish this job. The results are fast (I am a results-oriented person) which makes this job all that much more rewarding. You'll probably find that ordering your cabinet hardware is the most challenging part of this job, and it's not that difficult at all.

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