Being a Biker is a Way of Life

Helmet Custom Paint

Your Kawasaki 650 motorcycle is probably the love of your life and the best time of your life is riding on the open road. Part of the love of the bike is to keep it spotless, wiping off specks of dirt and rain drops, even detailing areas only you will see. Knowing that the whole bike is in concours condition and like new is important. It just will not do to have the motorcycling image let down by wearing a boring plain motorbike helmet.

The next stage of customisation is to go for the Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets to complete the look. Why just go in the shop and buy a helmet that anyone can buy, even if it has a fancy design on it that looks a bit different. You don’t want other bikers having the same design as you have with your Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets you want exclusivity.

Then again getting a pair of helmets , maybe different brands, but to look the same you will need the custom helmet solution. When you already have the matching motorcycle gear and boots you have to finish it off with the fancy helmet too. Some motorcycle club members like to all have the club logo painted on the skid lid as well as being on the badges on the jackets, so why not.

Small decals or stickers is all you can get away with on helmets due to the curvature of the helmet. No way will you be able to get away with a design that will cover the whole of the helmet, maybe a small Harley Davidson decal. A custom paint job will be the only way you will successfully have a complete helmet design transferred.

It will not be so easy to choose the artist that will be right for the job. The quality of the paintwork will need to be checked for finish quality, overspray and having good painted edges. Artistic expertise is vital of course, can the artist showcase your design well. Getting a good tattoo artist will lead you to do some serious research, the work and the style of that work that the artist has done before. Artists have a style within their work, the way that they draw and paint. Have a look through the portfolio of photos showing the work that they have completed already. Expect to pay well for the art skills if you want to have a great job done on your behalf. Custom painted motorcycle helmets with airbrushing will look great with your bike. Now that's an idea get the petrol tank done at the same time.

What sort of a design would you like? Go for the evil skull design with flames coming out the rear of it? Perhaps a Spiderman web design in black and red or are you more inclined to go for the tribal patterns and a naked lady in the middle. Whatever you choose make it original and have something of your creativity on your custom painted motorcycle helmets.