Custom paper floor mats is a huge international business, that you will never see the likes of as a consumer, as it is strictly a commercially business-to-business traded item. If you do a search online you will even see Chinese companies advertising the sale of paper floor mats to every country in the world they can legally sell to depending on import export laws for each. The advertising business industry has known for years that the floor mat business is a very lucrative trade if sold properly. The advent of offset printing and the idea that someone started using probably newspaper at one time to cover a customers floorboard before working on their car, has blossomed into a niche industry that is world wide.

Custom printed messages are where the real profit is made, as the paper itself is a commodity type product and is also purchased from the lowest bidder. The quality of the printed message is where the money is, and will continue to be as long as their are cars needing servicing by automotive dealerships, repair ships, car washes, body repair shops, and auto detailing companies. The list is probably longer than that but this author can only find these from doing a cursory search on the Internet.

It may only be a few cents per sheet to print a message with logo, and other propaganda for your enterprise, but it can bring in big results with the properly crafted message and sales pitch. It will be of sound advice that you hire a seasoned ad copywriter to wordsmith your advertisement before it goes to press. This will get the client's attention and make a call to action on their part to buy even more services or products from you.

Depending on your own talent to write ad copy, it can be like giving a baby a loaded gun to play with in their crib. Who in their right mind would do that or try and write their own ad if they do not have any experience in doing so. It is a great idea to thank your customers on the floor mat, but having a professional hash out a remarkable sales tool that will garner sales for years to come makes more sense. Make your custom paper floor mats work hard for you, as they are the last thing the customer will see all the way home from your shop. Just make sure that your writer makes space for thanking the clients too.