When you enter an antique mall you are faced with a multitude of small individual sales spaces or kiosks. It is hard to distinguish one from another or their specialties so a really good thing to see would be hanging custom printed banners with perhaps a name and a graphic or two of what the dealer specializes in like furniture or depression glass. This would set apart some of the confusing jumble that one first is hit with when entering one of the larger antiques malls. This is also handy if you are shopping and see some things you might like to look at once you have walked the entire mall and it is very hard to remember which specific aisle you were wandering when you spotted that item.

Custom Printed Banners Assist Customers

As an antique mall building owner you depend on customers buying items so it behooves you as the building owner to make sure customers can find what they are looking for or for things that catch their eye. This increases both your bottom line and your dealers’ bottom line. Not every antique mall visitor comes in for a general overview. When various dealers specialize in specific items like Depression glass or military medals or knives and forks the word gets around and those specialties will draw in new customers looking for that specific item. If there are lively custom printed banners hanging above these spaces the customer can look at the banners hanging from the ceiling and will make a beeline for that space. This makes good advertising sense. This is a simple, inexpensive and easy way to advertise. You can also use these banners outside the antique mall to draw in customers too.

Effective Printed Banners

When you are thinking about what to have printed on these advertising banners you must give consideration what is the mood you want to convey with the banners. Since banners advertise the image of the business you have to convey that image with appropriate fonts and also relevant graphics. Also remember that color impacts how people look at the business also. If you want to convey an old fashioned feeling to the banner you would use an old fashioned font or lettering. Choose colors that are Victorian looking or if it is an art deco look then use art deco lettering and start line graphics and silver and black colors for the custom printed banners.