Advertising is the lifeblood of any business, and custom promotional items are one of the best ways to acquire and retain customers, and to get them coming back repeatedly for more goods and services. For a cost that is often much lower than a traditional marketing campaign, a well-made, inexpensive promotional item can keep the name and services of a company right before the eyes of potential customers. This can greatly increase brand loyalty, and it encourages those who have received promotional gift items to think of the company who gave these items first when they are in the market for the good or service that company offers.An example of a custom promotional item coffee mug (Geertvp Wikimedia Commons)

There are a wide variety of promotional items that can be successfully employed in a marketing campaign, including logo-imprinted coffee mugs, promotional tote bags, custom-designed pens, and much more. The greater the number of these that are purchased, the lower they are in cost, so custom promotional items are best used for events at which there will be large crowds such as a grand opening or booth at a county fair. Depending on the size of the company's logo, items such as these can be imprinted with the design in addition to the business' name, web address, street address, phone number, and much more. It is wise, however, not to make the design too intricate, for that may make the message harder to read and drive up the cost of each piece.

Many companies have found that their must effective promotional items are those that are small and yet can be placed in locations where they are readily seen each and every day. A great example of these kind of promotional items are refrigerator magnets, for everyone is going to stop at the refrigerator at least once a day and cannot help but see the logo-emblazoned item and have the company's services reinforced in their mind. Promotional pencils and pens are also great choices because these will be used often in the course of the day and will keep the company before the potential customer.

Custom promotional items have a final advantage in that they can instill in the consumer a sense that the business is generous and not just out to make a quick buck. It is not often that people get something for free anymore, and a simple promotional gift item can do far more in creating good will towards the company than any person could predict. That is why as an advertising expense, promotional items are one of the best investments for generating business in the long run.