About the phone

Sony has been successful in putting great features in a small package. The Xperia mini lineup has been evolving in power and personality over the years. As a result it has done well in the market. The Xperia mini pro is here to make a change.

 It has almost the same features of the Xperia Pro with a smaller budget. The most impressive feature is its QWERTY keyboard. And there is a good display too, a solid battery and HD video recording. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is in charge with an optional upgrade to ICS.

There is a  respectable list of features and a lot  more to explore such as:

The Features

  • 1 GHz Scorpion CPU, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 chipset.
  • 720p video @ 30fps, continuous autofocus.
  • microSD slot (32GB supported, 2GB card included)

And a lot more…

  • Voice dialing
  • Adobe Flash 10.3 support

Xperia min pro

Main disadvantages

  • Small display
  • A little heavy
  • The battery does not last long

But for such a small handset, the Xperia mini pro leaves no major feature out. All these make the Xperia mini pro an impressive successor to the original Xperia X10 Mini pro.

List of custom ROMs available

 iScream 13

A wonderful ROM that supports a lot of customization that will surprise you.




Many features and integrates with the original Gingerbread version.


Jelly Mango

The Serenity

Has a display similar to that of HTC wildfire.Not many features here.



JellyVanilla Z

My favorite ROM by far.A lot of features and looks fantastic.


Jelly Vanilla Z


Loading a Custom ROM on an Android Device


I. Root Your Device

 Root access is essentially getting the phone to give us permissions to change what we want.

If you don’t have root access or never rooted your phone, go to the xda developers forum.There are lots of ways to root your phone.

I I .Load a Custom ROM

1. After you download the .zip to your computer, plug in your device via USB cable.

2. Copy the .zip file to the SD Card and Unplug your device.

3. Reboot into recovery using clockworkmod recovery.

4. browse and find the .zip file on SD card and install the ROM.It is that easy.

To flash a different ROM, just redo these steps. Enjoy the new ROM.