Custom shoe inserts can solve a variety of foot, ankle and leg pain issues. The decision to buy custom shoe inserts is generally an easy one as a physician normally recommends them. For others, custom shoe inserts are a way to boost sports performance or just to provide better comfort through weight distribution and cushioning. The world of orthotic shoe inserts is vast, though. How is a consumer to know that they are getting the best orthotics for shoes? There are some simple questions to help determine if custom shoe inserts are needed and which kind or if an off the shelf model will work just as well.

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Custom Shoe Inserts

For many people a visit to the doctor for their leg, foot, hip or back pain is the first step to deciding if custom shoe inserts are the solution to their health problems. Orthopedic insoles can provide relief from shin pain, hip pain, plantar fascitis, arch pain and other diabetic or arthritic foot pain. Problems with foot pronation due to flat feet or high arches may also be aided by a good shoe insert. A doctor is best for evaluating the symptoms and severity and determining if a custom insole is the answer or merely a trip to the neighborhood drug store for a pack of Dr. Scholl's inserts. If orthopedic insoles are needed the doctor might steer a patient to a certain brand or company, but it is up to the patient to do their own research and know how to get the best orthotics for shoes.

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The best companies for custom insoles are going to offer a true wide-range of custom options. The patient should make a list of concerns and be ready to tell the service representative about their: physical activity level, weight, shoe size, age, any applicable medical issues, what kind of shoes the custom insoles will be for, and the importance or non-importance of the orthotic insert being made from breathable performance materials. By using all of these factors, a company can suggest and craft the best set of custom shoe inserts for a patient. Many of these individual details may seem trivial, but for many people they are critical options. Imagine a runner needing a custom shoe insert. The material weight and breathability are critical. Outdoorsmen may need waterproof custom shoe inserts. A patient should not be afraid to ask what options are available. The human foot is incredibly complex and lifestyles of individuals equally so. Custom shoe inserts are custom for a reason – to give each patient the best possible chance at a pain free lifestyle.

Whether custom shoe inserts are prescribed by a doctor or a person just wants to add comfort to their lives with a quality off the shelf brand like Dr Scholl's insoles , understanding the choices available for an orthotic insole is critical. Through careful questioning proper custom shoe inserts can be delivered quickly and easily by a manufacturer. With any luck, this will be the best orthotic shoe insert for that patient, but if problems persist a re-examination may be necessary. For anyone living in discomfort due to foot, ankle, leg, hip or back pain the need for custom shoe inserts is obvious. Athletes can also benefit from increased performance that sport orthotics provide. A patient only needs to know what causes the pain, how do they live, what do they want and what other options are available and they can get the best orthotic insole available. Custom shoe inserts can truly be a lifesaver.