Making your own music

How to write a customized song

Music is a fantastic form of entertainment and can also help promote any product or website you have. The only problem is not everyone is musically gifted and neither can they write good songs. If you are a great singer but are not good at being creative and writing songs then having them written for you is a great way to build up a collection of good tracks to get you noticed and to help you get your big break.

In fact a lot of world-famous singles today do not write all of their own songs and some of the best ones have come from professional songwriters so there is no shame in hiring one to help you. In fact some of the best collaborations have come with a fantastic singer, a really good writer, and a professional producer, these three people put together can produce an amazing number one hit worldwide.

Also if you are a business or a company and would like to promote your products or service through the power of music then having a song written for you can be a very powerful way of reaching potential customers.

You have media outlets like you tube which allow businesses to make songs and videos to promote their company and attract potential customers.

Custom songwriting: How to hire a songwriter tips

  • The Internet is going to be the best place for you to start as you appear to find thousands of songwriters instantly. You can choose from a range of different styles and skills so if you want a hip-hop track written or a cowboy song then you be able to choose what genre suits your needs.
  • There are also very cheap websites where there are some writers who will write you a mediocre song for around five dollars. You can find the site where people often sell their services for a very low price but don’t expect to have a number one hit written for you.
  • Joining one of the many music forums is a good place to find writers you may even be able to collaborate with someone and form a long-lasting partnership.
  • There are even people who will be able to write a song for you and the music as well then put it on a CD.
  • Always make sure you find out who owns the copyright first as this can always bring complications in future. If you are uncertain there are many free online contracts that you can use and as long as both parties signed them then this will stand up in any court.

Custom songwriting: how to hire a songwriter final thoughts

 If you are going to pay a substantial amount for a decent songwriter then it is important that you check the credentials. Because some people may have a very good website but if they provide you something that isn’t very good then you would have paid a lot of money for nothing. Before you part with any cash is important that you see samples of their work and also find any reviews about them.